Best PDF Editor for Chromebook: View, Edit, and Send Files Without Hassle

PDF documents are actively used in the workflow of many companies. While there are many tools to work with these days, Chromebooks often don't have such software preinstalled. We have tested many programs and compiled the top 5 PDF editors review to help you find a convenient tool for reading and editing files on Chrome OS.

Best PDF Editor for Chromebook


Top 5 PDF Editors for Chromebook

All five of these services are great for use on Chromebooks. They are quite versatile, so they can be used on other devices as well.


PDFLiner is the best Chrome PDF viewer because it is easy to master, not overloaded with unnecessary functionality, and at the same time, it has everything you need to work with documents fully. You can upload your own files or get fillable forms from the extensive site library. You can use this platform individually and as a team. To get familiar with the basic features, you have a five-day trial.

Price: there are three plans; their cost depends on how many people will use the service. The minimum price is $9 per month.

Devices: Since it is browser-based, it can be opened on any device, including Chromebooks.

Extra features:

  • edit existing texts;
  • turn files to other formats;
  • protect your documents with a password;
  • collaborative work on documents is available.

✔️ Own library of forms;

✔️ Easy to learn;

✔️ Convenient signature tools;

✔️ Easy to share a document;

✔️ Files are securely protected;

✔️ Wide range of editing features;

✔️ Secure Document Management system;

✔️ 5-day free trial.

❌ A few converting formats only.

PDFLiner Editor

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Although the editor from Adobe is familiar to many as standalone software, it can be used on Chromebooks thanks to the proprietary cloud service. Fortunately, it doesn't limit your editing options, and you have all the instruments you need at your fingertips. You can complete forms, convert them to other formats, compress, combine, or, conversely, split them. Access to the Adobe cloud allows you to work with the same files on different devices.

Price: the company offers only two plans: Standard and Pro. The minimum cost is about $15.59.

Devices: Adobe's online tools are available on Chrome, Windows, and Mac OS.

Extra features: you can convert any documents and images to PDF, collect colleagues' signatures quickly, and compress files.

✔️ Extensive family of programs;

✔️ Many formats available for conversion;

✔️ Seven-day trial.

❌ One of the most expensive platforms.

Adobe Acrobat Alternative



Sejda is another top PDF editor that many like for its simplicity and user-friendliness. It can be utilized for business and personal purposes. The platform offers the necessary set of tools for working and filling out papers. What distinguishes it from analogs is the opportunity to pay for a week, month, or year of use. Moreover, such options are available for both personal and team accounts.

Price: there are personal and team plans with weekly, monthly, and yearly bills. The minimum cost starts at $7.

Devices: the service is available both online in any browser and as a desktop version for Windows.

Extra features: you can make any document non-editable, split pages or text, convert files to many popular formats.

✔️ Easy to navigate;

✔️ Docs are saved in cloud storage;

✔️ Budget-friendly;

✔️ There is a free version.

❌ Only a few fonts available;

❌ No OCR.

Sejda Alternative



PDFSimpli is the best Chrome PDF editor for freelancers and small business owners. It is only available as an online version, so you can edit files on any device you like. It can be integrated with Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, so you can work with files saved on these platforms or pick the desired documents from your device. The platform offers one of the longest trial periods. You can test the functionality for free for two weeks.

Price: Unfortunately, the site does not have a "Pricing" page. To find out what plans there are, you need to write to the support team.

Devices: PDFSimpli is a browser-based platform, so it's available on any device.

Extra features: final materials can be saved in many formats; 100% money-back guarantee; there is a convenient service manual.

✔️ Can be integrated with cloud services;

✔️ Large library of fillable forms;

✔️ 14-days trial period.

❌ There is no way to get acquainted with the pricing on the site.

❌ The editor is not user-friendly.

PDFSimpli Alternative



You can edit PDF on Chromebook using the PDFEscape online platform. Here you have the opportunity to work with ready-made files or create new ones from scratch. You can fill them with any content you need, add freehand drawings, photos, graphics, signatures, links, watermarks, texts, and much more. If you need to delete some pages or swap sheets, there are also special tools for this. Perhaps the only thing that this simple and convenient editor lacks is the opportunity to modify existing texts.

Price: there is a free version with cut functionality. The cost of a paid account starts at $3.

Devices: it is a browser-based service that can be used on devices with any operating system and browser.

Extra features: simple and user-friendly interface; the free version is enough for basic work with documents.

✔️ Free version available;

✔️ You can create files from scratch;

✔️ Many different file types can be combined in one document.

❌ You cannot change existing text;

❌ No electronic signature features;

❌ Not very intuitive editor;

❌ The design is a bit old-fashioned.

PDFEscape Alternative

Chromebook PDF Editing Tips

Chrome OS is a unique service that prompts users not to install software on their hard drives, as it is usually done, for example, on Windows, but to use app web versions.

On the one hand, this approach has advantages. Your device works faster and smoother because it doesn't need a lot of resources to run multiple programs. Plus, all copies are automatically created in the Chrome cloud, so you don't need to make regular backups.

On the other hand, it gives rise to several difficulties. In particular, not all manufacturers release their products adapted for Chrome OS. So you can't have any app you like. Although now the situation has changed somewhat, most users still utilize browser-based services to perform standard tasks.

These include, in particular, work with PDF documents. Thanks to the sites on our list, you can edit PDF using Chrome without installing additional software. Online platforms allow you to create, modify, and share files on Chromebooks and continue working with them on any other device. They are versatile and easy to use, so you don't need any specific skills to work with them.

Edit PDF Files On Chromebook Without Hassle

PDFLiner is at the top of our list for a reason, as it really is the best service for editing PDF documents. Here you will find everything you need to get started: annotating and rearranging lists, adding captions, images, fillable fields, signing forms, and more.

Thanks to all created files being saved in your profile, you can start working on one device and continue on another. With simple functionality, you can email docs or share links to them, make them available for collaboration, print, and download them. Paperwork on a Chromebook has never been easier.


Read our answers to common questions if you need more info on working with PDF files using Chrome.

How to edit PDF files in Google Chrome?

Not so long ago, the Google Chrome browser got a PDF Viewer plugin. It allows you to view documents in this format and has a small set for editing them. However, the best option would be to use one of the online services we described, as they provide more useful tools.

How to create a PDF file on Chromebook?

Using PDFLiner, it's easy. Log into your profile and find "Create New Document" in the upper right corner.

Does Adobe Acrobat work on Chromebook?

This service does not have a version designed specifically for Chrome OS. However, Adobe provides convenient online tools that are operating system agnostic and can be used on Chromebooks.

Can I sign a PDF on Chromebook?

Our PDFLiner service offers a simple and easy-to-use signing tool. Even if you don't have an e-signature, you can generate it using a touchpad or mouse and even photograph your signature on physical paper.

Edit Your PDF Files On Chromebook Easily

Try out the all-in-one online PDF editor and save loads of time on printing and scanning.

Edit PDFs on Chromebook

Valerie Tkachenko
PR Specialist at PDFLiner