Fill Out PA Standard Teacher Application Step by Step

If you are contemplating a teacher’s career in Pennsylvania, filing an appropriately completed PA state teaching application is a vital step to take. This article explains how to use this blank to start teaching in PA and where to get one. A FAQ section is included to answer additional questions.

Pennsylvania Standard Teaching Application

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What Is Pennsylvania Standard Teaching Application

Standard application for teaching in PA was brought about in 1996 when Act 107 came into force. It requires that every school district within the state should use the same form as a teaching application. That is, potential teachers applying for a job in Pennsylvania are expected to file a PA standard teacher application.

The document is used to collect your personal details, employment history, references, and relevant background data. It also contains a section in which you authorize your previous employers and supervisors to disclose information regarding your employment and performance when asked to do so by officials of the respective school district.

Pennsylvania Standard Teaching Application

Who Should Fill Out PA Standard Teaching Application

The form is to be filled out and submitted to every school district within PA in which you are willing to be employed as a teacher, whether full-time or part-time. Please note that, when it comes to standard teacher application, PA intermediate units and vocational-technical schools are not strictly required to use it but can choose to.

How to Fill Out Pennsylvania Standard Teaching Application

The easiest way to complete the PA teaching staff application is to do it online using a fillable PDF of the form. When you open the document in the PDFLiner’s editor, you will see that it consists of multiple fields. Proceed as follows:

Pennsylvania Standard Teaching Application on PDFLiner

Step 1: Enter your personal details and general information as a teacher on the first page of the form. Pay attention to the fact that you shouldn’t list certificates from other states. You will need a PA certificate in the respective area to teach in Pennsylvania.
Step 2: Page 2 is dedicated to your background. Enter your education history in the top table and proceed to provide information on your job experience from the furthest to the least recent.
Step 3: Complete the top table on Page 3 if you have not previously occupied a teaching position.
Step 4: List your references in the middle section of Page 3, attaching copies of the respective references and evaluations.
Step 5: Provide information on any additional qualifications at the bottom of Page 3.
Step 6: Tick any questions on Page 4 to which the answer is "yes," and provide explanations on each on separate sheets of paper with your name, signature, and social security number on each.
Step 7: Enter the name of the school district you are interested in in the gap field on Page 5. Below the authorization part, click the Date field and select the appropriate date on the calendar.
Step 8: On page 6, write an essay on any of the topics offered. It might be a good idea to look at examples of such essays first.

How to Sign Pennsylvania Standard Teaching Application

PDFLiner offers a powerful e-signature tool activated by clicking the signature field on Page 5 of the form (bottom part). You can choose to type your name to get an italicized signature, draw it, or use a picture of your physical signature. As a registered user, you can store and use signature templates.

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How to File Pennsylvania Standard Teaching Application

There is no specific date by which you should file your applications for teaching positions in PA school districts. When to do it depends on your intentions regarding employment. Generally, we recommend doing it in advance.

It’s important to note that you are required to attach your criminal history record and federal criminal record, both not more than one year old as well as a copy of clearance from the PA Department of Public Welfare not more than one-year-old.

Send your applications to all school districts in PA in which you are interested. The copies can be used for this purpose.


In this section, we provide brief answers to assorted questions regarding the PA teacher application form and how to fill it out.

How do I start my teaching application?

Obtaining a fillable copy of the form and completing it marks the beginning of your application process. The most time-saving solution is likely to use an online PDF tool like PDFLiner to fill out an electronic version of the application. Alternatively, you can download one and print it out.

Where can I obtain an application?

For online submissions, PDFLiner offers a fillable PDF version of the form. Alternatively, you can use links on the PA Department of Education website to download the Pennsylvania teaching application. If you are studying at an approved college/university majoring in teaching, your school may provide you with a copy.

Do all Pennsylvania School Districts use the standard application?

Yes, although some districts might ask you to submit supplemental pages and forms along with this form.

Can the essay be typed, or must it be handwritten?

There’s nothing to prevent you from typing your essay or using word processing software to create it. Still, you can write it by hand after filling out the form online and printing it out.

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Pennsylvania Standard Teaching Application

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