Detailed Guide on Ontario Rental Application Form

Landlords can ask tricky questions on a rental application, and if you want to rent the property, you have to know your rights and prepare information that might be required. Although the Ontario rental application form can’t be considered as a contract between two parties, it has informational value.

OREA Form 410

Ontario Rental

What Is Ontario Rental Application

Ontario landlord-tenant forms are created by the Ontario Real Estate Association for everyone who wants to declare the intention to rent the specific property. The form is not an official agreement between two parties. It is the notification from a possible tenant to the landlord on your intention to rent the estate.

This form provides specific information about the tenant, including employment, property that is owned, and the previous rental history.

The application to rent Ontario property is just a first step that starts a dialogue between a landlord and a renter. It provides detailed information about the renter, so the landlord can receive information about the person who wants to live in the estate.

The landlord may use the phone numbers provided in the filled application to call the employer or previous landlord. This document helps to save the rights of landlords and increases the chances of renters to receive the property for personal use based on positive credit history, rental history, and current work position.

Ontario Rental Application Form 410

Who Should Fill Out Ontario Rental Application

Ontario Rental Application is not the necessary documentation you have to file. However, it helps to raise the chances of tenants receiving the property. There are cases when rental application in Ontario is vital. Usually, it happens when the estate is popular among the tenants who want to rent it. The application must be filed by:

  • Tenants who want to provide the information on the previous renting history, economic stability, and cars;
  • Tenants who can provide great references from the previous landlords or employers;
  • Possible tenants who want to notify landlords about their intention to rent a particular estate;
  • Applicants who compete against others to rent a house.

How to Fill Out Ontario Rental Application

Ontario Rental Application in PDFliner

The rent application form in Ontario has lots of similarities with any other local rental form around the country. It is not big, only one page long. However, you have to include detailed information inside. Make sure the data is correct since the landlord might check it. Applicants have to be precise in Ontario rental application form fillable lines. Here is a detailed instruction for each section:

Step 1: Write down the address of the property, the city, day, and the monthly rent you agree to pay.

Step 2: Specify the exact day you will pay every month for the rent.

Step 3: Include your name, date of birth, and SIN No (if required), occupation, and driver’s license. If you plan to live with other people, indicate their names, date of birth, occupation, and driver’s license numbers.

Step 4: Provide the information about your pet/pets if you have any.

Step 5: Explain the reason for leaving the present place of your residence.

Step 6: You have to name the last two places of your former residence. If it is your first rent, you can provide information only about one place where you lived before.

Step 7: Indicate the information about the present employer and the address of your current work. Include the business phone of the office if you have one. Name your position, employment length, supervisor length, and monthly salary.

Step 8: If you have prior employment place, provide similar information about it in the appropriate section.

Step 9: Tenants who plan to live with spouses have to provide similar information about their spouse’s present and prior employment. It doubles the chances to receive the estate in rent.

Step 10: Provide the information about the bank, including its name, address, and branch. You don’t have to name your chequing and savings accounts, but you can specify them to show your economic stability.

Step 11: Fill out the section on financial obligations. Include the payments with the amount, if you have any.

Step 12: You may include personal references with names and addresses, occupations, and phone numbers. Two will be enough.

Step 13: Write down the model of your car, year, and license.

Step 14: Put the date, signature, and phone at the end of this form.

How to Sign Ontario Rental Application

You may print out the form, sign it, and scan it to send it online. Also, you can print the form, write down information inside, and send the form to the landlord. Yet, there is an easier way to do this.

You can sign the OREA Form 410 in PDF online by using PDFLiner. The program is perfect for completing the forms without having to download them or addressing third parties.

PDFLiner has a user-friendly e-signature interface. You open the form, tap the "Sign Field" at the end of the page. You can change the style to the handwriting or pick an already existing signature from your library. If you have your electronic signature on the computer, upload it to PDFLiner.

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How to File Ontario Rental Application

After you complete this rental application form 410, you can send it to your future landlord. This is not an official agreement, so you don’t have to involve the notary public.

This document is usually provided from one side to another without any extra witnesses that put their signatures. On the contrary, you share the information about your bank account, previous work, current work, and the car you own with another person. This data must stay private unless you agree otherwise.

There are two ways to file the document. You can either print the form and send it by regular mail, which will take some time, or send it by email, but don’t forget to lock the file. These are the most popular choices among applicants.

You may also hand this form to the landlord in person if you have enough time. If you are not the only candidate to rent the estate, make sure you provide the form as quickly as possible.

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We have gathered the most popular questions about Ontario Rental Application here. It is recommended to read the answers in advance. If you want to receive the estate in rent, you have to provide real data about yourself and your spouse that can be checked by the landlord.

What can a landlord ask for on a rental application in Ontario?

The landlord can ask you about the number of your bank account without any passwords. As a sign of good faith, an applicant can provide a deposit with a rental application on demand of the landlord. This deposit becomes the deposit for last month’s rent.

The landlord can also ask the names and job positions of the members of your family who want to rent the estate with you. The form must contain the signature of your spouse if you are going to live together. The landlord can also call your employer to receive information about you and your financial situation.

Is rental application legally binding in Ontario?

No, the Ontario rental application is neither contract nor lease. It is not considered an official agreement between two parties. A rental application is created with the purpose to provide information about the future tenant to the landlord. It was made to secure landlords from scammers.

It is the way to check the information that the tenant provides before the contract is signed. The landlord is not obliged to rent the estate after you sign this form. However, you have to fill this form with the correct information since the landlord may check it before making any decisions. This form can become your advantage over other competitors.

Can a landlord deny a rental application?

Yes, the landlord can deny the rental application you provide. There does not have to be particular reasons explained since you did not sign any agreements together. If you want to get the rent, you have to be honest in your answers.

However, the landlord has the right to change their opinion and refuse to rent anything at all. This application does not require any specific payments. Once you pay the deposit to the landlord, make sure it is officially documented.

What should not be in a rental application?

There are many things that landlords can’t ask in the rental application. If you hear them, you have the right to complain to the rental estate association. There mustn’t be questions on whether you plan to get pregnant or have more children.

If you don’t state another person in the form, the landlord can’t ask about your marital status. The landlord also can’t ask about your religion or ethnic group. You don’t have to talk about sexual orientation.

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Ontario Rental Application Form 410

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