How Safe Is Sejda: Analyzing the Safety Features

Being connected is great as long as it doesn’t bring about the risk of being visible (and accessible) where you’d rather not. This is very relevant when it comes to working on important documentation in PDF editors. Sejda is a popular choice for manipulating portable file format documents, but how safe is Sejda?

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Is Sejda Safe

Sejda presently comes in two versions, namely an online platform that you can access from your browser and a desktop program. The last has been declared as a paid function, for those who are looking for an alternative offline PDF editor. That’s because a desktop version of the software has its security benefits.

Most importantly, it potentially enables you to work on a document offline. That would take additional tweaking, but the result might be worth it if you feel like the information you’re feeding the program is highly sensitive.

Conversely, the online version uses a secure connection to upload your PDF to the server. This practice always includes the risk to a certain degree. However, Sejda PDF online editor will automatically delete your information from the server 2 hours after you used it.

If you want to apply additional safety measures to a particular document, a viable solution is to password-protect it using special services. Optional restrictions such as disabling printing are also available.

To sum up, we believe that desktop Sejda is a secure PDF editor and that is why it's not free-of-charge software. We wouldn't be so sure about an online PDF editor, because your information is being uploaded to a third-party server, and it can be a bit risky.

If you are looking for an online PDF editor and would like to make sure that your information will be secured we would recommend you to try PDFLiner. All the information here is being encrypted, so no one except you and people that you share your documents with would have access to it. And of course, the connection is also secured. You will also be able to keep your documents on our cloud-based platform and manage them on your dashboard.

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How To Understand If It Is Safe

Protect your data

Offline editing with your Internet connection off altogether appears to be the most secure approach when working on really important documents. This is because some web platforms cannot (and will not) guarantee 100% security against third-party attacks if the information is not encrypted.

However, the limitations of offline might seriously undermine your efficiency. For instance, your ability to share the results of your work will be compromised, and navigation is likely to take more time compared to an online platform. The solution is simple: if you don’t think it’s feasible to use a desktop program like Sejda, edit PDF online. In this case, it’s important that you choose the safest option by applying the criteria below.

Privacy Policy

One of the most informative methods of estimating an online editor’s security is reading its confidentiality policy. To begin with, it should be in place. This essential document explains how your data will be treated and stored while, and after, you use the platform’s services. Make sure the conditions described in it meet your needs. Pay special attention to any privacy standards that the service adheres to.

Ability to Mange Your Documents

Some PDF editors will store your files for an infinite period, while others delete them after a certain number of hours. The preference for this or that approach is a matter of taste rather than a security consideration, as long as you have the possibility to delete any file you’ve uploaded. Without it, an editor can’t be deemed fit for working on sensitive PDF documents.

The editor should also have the safe sharing feature that will ensure that you can grant and restrict access to your documents whenever you want to and to specific people only.

Additionally, make sure you can restrict access to a specific PDF document by using a password.

Secure Connection

Server and connection security is another important aspect. Learn which technology the platform relies on to prevent data and unauthorized access by third parties. Additionally, make sure you can restrict access to a specific PDF document by using a password and/or limiting what others can do to it.

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Secured PDF Files With PDFLiner

Those who are interested in using a PDF editor online like Sejda rather than an offline product are likely to benefit from PDFLiner’s data security policy. As an all-web PDF platform offering a wide range of functionality to be applied to all kinds of documents, PDFLiner maintains a highly transparent privacy policy, which is explained in detail on the product’s website.

All cases in which user data can be transferred to particular third parties are enumerated. The document does not provide for commercial sales of user information, which means you can entrust job-related documents to this editor. You can even deny the use of your personal data.

PDFLiner keeps your PDFs until you decide to delete them. Rather than automatically delete your information from the server, the platform gives you control over that aspect, which means the documents will stay as long as you think fit. Deleting them is quick and easy. Besides, the use of secure connection technology in accordance with stringent standards ensures a high level of safety while on the server.

Add the ability to lock your PDF files with custom passwords, and what you get is a dependable and download-free online solution to your PDF problems.

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Valerie Tkachenko
PR Specialist at PDFLiner