How to Edit a Scanned Document in a Few Steps

Many users decide to find out how to edit a scanned document only when the deadline is nearby. Even if you are one of them, don’t worry. Instead, use this guide to check all the tools that PDFLiner offers you and learn how to work with one of the most difficult file types better than any professional.


How to Edit Scanned Document: Instruction

If you want to make the procedure of scanning and editing documents less painful, you have to find the right editor for you. PDFLiner contains all the features you might need to work with PDF documents. This scanned document editor has simple instructions to follow:

  1. Scan the document you need and make sure it is saved in JPG, PDF, or PNG format;
Formats to edit

2. Visit PDFLiner main page. The first thing you will see there is the table that offers you to upload the document. Press the red button and pick the document you need;


3. It takes less than a minute for your editable scanned PDF to appear in front of you in PDFLiner;

Editing PDF on PDFLiner

4. All the major tools are located in the upper panel. The instruments are signed. You can add a text, insert symbols, highlight the text, add the signature if you want to make it official, and put the date. You can also change the width;

Help on PDFLiner

5. Once you are done with the first page, you can scroll down or switch the pages picking the right page number in the left panel;

Editing PDF on PDFLiner

6. You can edit the document by adding more fields inside, in case you want to create an agreement or extend an already existing one;

Adding fields

7. Once you make all the changes you want, press the red button “Done,” and your new document will be saved. Many users admit PDFLiner is the easiest and the most user-friendly scan editor on the market.

The Done button

Edit Scanned Doc with PDFLiner

How to Edit Scanned Document: Instruction

Many people still don’t know that they can edit a scanned PDF online and in a few seconds. Moreover, like some other similar tools, PDFLiner offers a free trial period so that you can work on your files without paying a fee. The most popular alternatives to PDFLiner are:

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

This is a popular and well-known editor for scanned papers in PDF. Yet, it is still one of the less comfortable and more complicated tools to work with. There are too many features you don’t need, but they still make the program heavyweight. The automatic OCR allows you to edit PDf files and write on a scanned document. It costs $14.99 per month.

Adobe Acrobat Alternative



Sejda offers both free and paid versions. There are fewer tools than PDFLiner and Adobe Acrobat offer. It has both desktop and online versions. This tool integrates with the storage services of the cloud. Yet, there are limitations on the free version, and editing of the text is flaky.

Sejda Alternative



This tool is free of charge and can create PDFs from a wide range of file types. Like many free programs, it contains annoying ads. It does not provide many tools.

PDFEscape Alternative

What Else Can I Do with PDFLiner

If you want to learn more about how to type on a scanned document, all you need to do is open the document in the program and pick the instrument you need. There are lots of widely used instruments, as well as extras that might be helpful for some people. Explore the following options you can benefit from:

  • Use the PDF Editor for Windows documents. It is not always easy to find an editor that works with portable devices and PCs based on Windows;
  • Create the document from the very beginning online. You can also send them once they are finished to the email you need. If you want, you can save it on your device;
  • There is a PDF converter to JPG and back;
  • You can draw your signature or anything else, based on your needs;
  • PDFLiner also allows you to lock your PDF file, making it secure to send to your colleagues or business partners;
  • There is a wide collection of forms that are available for you with PDFLiner. Check out the library, and you will find multiple tax forms and standard agreements. So no matter whether you want to complete Form 1040 Individual Income Tax Return, or rent a house, you will find these forms in PDFLiner with detailed descriptions.

Edit Doc with PDFLiner


After you learn “how do I edit a scanned document,” you might still have some questions left. Read the most popular online questions and the answers to them.

What if my scanned document is saved in JPG?

PDFliner works with JPG and PNG as well as with PDF documents. However, if you are using other editors, you have to check out whether they offer similar features.

Can I convert my scanned document to PDF?

The answer to the question “can you scan a document and edit it” is positive if you use PDFLiner. You can convert your document into a PDF by picking this format. Usually, it automatically converts the document into a PDF after you scan it, but you can pick the JPG format as well.

Can I add an image to a scanned document?

You can do it with the help of PDFLiner. There is a specific instrument you can use. Pick “Edit Form” or “Insert.” They both offer you to create or add the image into the scanned document. If you want to add the image of your signature, use the “Add Sign” button.

Can I print my document after I edit it?

Yes, you can do it. Press “Done” once the document is finished. Pick the “Print” option that appears on the page.

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Edit Doc with PDFLiner

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