Guide on How to Fill Out Attorney Referral Agreement Template

If you are searching for how to fill out an Attorney Referral Agreement, you might need to hire a lawyer or are getting hired by another lawyer’s company. Although it might sound complicated, this form simplifies the relations between two colleagues who share the case with each other. These arrangements must be stated in Attorney Referral Agreement form.

Referral Agreement Template

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What Is an Attorney Referral Agreement?

The Referral Fee Agreement template is filled by an attorney in order to recommend another attorney the job they can’t or have no time to do. This form can be filled by a private person or a company. This document also obliges the attorney to pay a fee for the provided recommendation. Usually, the amount of money that must be paid is discussed between the lawyers in advance. The sum of money must satisfy both parties. It usually depends on the case and the lawyer’s reputation. Yet, you have to keep in mind that this form allows attorneys to perform only legal actions.

Who Needs the Referral Agreement?

The Referral Fee Agreement doc is signed by attorneys after they reach an agreement. However, this form is used only in specific cases. You might require it in case:

  • You want to make a fee official between two parties;
  • You need to provide details to the client and make sure that they do not mind being referred to another attorney;
  • An attorney who refers the case needs approval that another party has an active license, and there is no conflict of interests;
  • This form can be attached to the tax declaration.

Referral Fee Agreement Template

How to Fill Out an Attorney Referral Agreement Template?

The form is not as complicated as it might seem. However, you have to understand what to indicate in it. You can find the form on numerous websites for attorneys. Yet, the easiest way is to tap on the form here, using the PDFLiner service. This program allows you to fill and edit any form online. Besides, after you complete the form, you can always send it to another party. PDFLiner allows you to create valid electronic signatures right in the text. You will need it on the last page of the document. Here are detailed Attorney Referral Agreement instructions:

  1. State the date in the 1st section of the document. Provide the name of the company, city, and address. Complete the information about the affiliate, including the address, and city.
  2. The second section is about the referral business. You have to name the case or describe it in short;
  3. Put the date of the beginning of the agreement in section 3;
  4. Include the end date in section 4;
  5. Section 5 contains the information about the referrals. Write down the amount of money you previously agreed on and name the service you are paying for;
  6. Section 6 contains data on the leads. It is up to you whether you pay the affiliate for the leads or not. You need to indicate this;
  7. Discuss the details of the payment in section 7. Agree on the date when you pay the referral amount and lead amount;
  8. In section 8, you have to specify the payment method both parties prefer;
  9. Put a tick near the right box, which refers to exclusivity or no-exclusivity of the arrangements;
  10. Name the state in section 13;
  11. If you have additional information to add, you can do it in section 15;
  12. Don’t forget to put the signature of the company and date, as well as the signature of the affiliate and the date.
Attorney Referral Agreement Template

How to Sign an Attorney Referral Agreement Template?

After you open the Attorney Referral Fee Agreement sample, you might find out that signatures must be put there in order to make the document official. You may download the form, sign it, and scan the document to send to another party.

However, there is a better way to do it. Open the form in PDFLiner and fill it in there. When you see the line with the signature, press it. You will see the “Add Signature” window in front of you. The easiest way now is to enter your name in the bar and press “Sign.” However, you can also upload the signature from the computer or take a photo and upload it from your phone’s camera.

How to Share an Attorney Referral Agreement with PDFliner?

This agreement must be signed by two parties. After you complete the form, you have to send it to another party. The best way to do it is by using the PDFLiner editor. It allows not only to receive the document but also to sign and even edit it without a problem. Here is how you can share the document:

  1. After filling out all the required lines, you have to click on the red button in the upper corner under the name “Done”;
  2. You will see the new window appear in front of you, with several options that allow you either to send the document, save it, or print it;
  3. Choose whether you want to share the link to this document or send it by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of most popular questions about the Attorney Referral Agreement. You might find it useful, so read the answers before you start filling the form.

What are the requirements for signing an Attorney Referral Agreement?

You have to complete the form properly before you sign the document. Make sure both parties agree on the sum of the fee. Pay attention to the start and end of the agreement. Don’t forget to put the current date near your signature. The signature can be electronic since it is recognized by US officials.

How to write an effective Attorney Referral Agreement?

To write an effective agreement, you have to own the basic information about both parties and the details of the case. You will need to describe this case. To avoid numerous editing, discuss everything in advance with the second party.

Where to find an Attorney Referral Agreement form?

You can find it on various law society websites. This form is widely used, and you are likely to find it quickly. You don’t have to search for it if you use PDFLiner. Just tap on the form and open it. The editor helps you to quickly fill out the sections and even put an electronic signature in the document.

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