How to Fill Out OREA Form 400: Comprehensive Guide

When you want to rent a house or apartment, you should sign a particular document to verify this intention. In Ontario, you need OREA Form 400 or Agreement to Lease Residential. A tenant has to fill out this form and give a landlord for acceptance. If you want to understand how to fill out this document correctly, check the OREA Form 400 instructions below.

Fillable OREA 400

filling out OREA form 400

What Is OREA Form 400?

OREA Form 400 is used when you want to rent a residential apartment and need to discuss all details with the landlord. Usually, you and the landlord get one copy of the document. It shows how long a tenant will live in the house, the amount of the rental fee, and the services it includes.

OREA Form 400 also contains information about the landlord’s access to the residential apartment, insurance, conflicts that might appear, and others. Overall, it’s a standard form that you should sign when you lease an apartment.

How to Get OREA Form 400?

A tenant should find and fill out OREA Form 400 by themselves and give it to the landlord afterward. The document is available online on the OREA site and PDFLiner. There are different templates of this form, but usually, they contain the same sections. You can fill out this form right on our site. There is a convenient editor with many features that make the process faster and easier.

You can sign the document online too. Then you may either send this form to the landlord’s email or print it out. Filling out forms online is more secure because the copy will be saved in your account, and you can print or share it again.

Fill Out OREA 400

How to Fill Out OREA Form 400?

Start with the tenant’s and landlord’s full names and the date when the agreement becomes legal. Then the landlord has to indicate their address to receive the notifications if needed.

Another part of the agreement contains information about the premises.

  1. Line 1: Premises. Here you should write the address of the residential apartment you want to lease.
  2. Term of lease. This line shows how long a tenant is going to rent the premises. In most cases, such an agreement is signed for one year.
  3. Rent. Write here the sum that will be paid each month. Also, you should note the day of each month when you will make this payment.
  4. Deposit and prepaid rent. When you lease an apartment, you should pay for the first and last months in advance. Usually, it’s the sum for two months, but there may be exceptions that are discussed between a tenant and a landlord.
  5. Use. Both landlord and tenant agree that only people indicated in the agreement will use the residential.
filling OREA form 400
  1. Services and costs. In this section, you should write who will pay for the services like gas, electricity, and water. Don’t forget to indicate the tenant’s and landlord’s initials.
  2. Line 7 and 8 should contain additional information about the premises. You have to indicate whether there is parking or other terms.
  3. Sometimes, this form can have additional schedules, which you should describe in line 9 and attach them.
  4. Line 10 defines the date this agreement will expand, and line 11 contains notices.
  5. Lines 12-20 describe the agreement details. You should read them attentively to understand what you sign. Agreement to Lease OREA Form 400 allows a landlord to use the tenant’s personal information in some cases. Also, the landlord may have access to the premises on some occasions. For example, when the tenant will leave the apartment soon, the landlord may show the premises to other tenants.
  6. If there is any conflict or discrepancy between this form and additional schedulers, line 18 describes what you should do in such cases.
filling out OREA form 400

Signing OREA Agreement to Lease, the tenant agrees to maintain the premises and pay if something is damaged. You can fill out this form in the PDFLiner editor, where you can simply type all the information and quickly complete one line after another. PDFLiner provides an e-signature feature too.

How to Sign OREA Form 400?

There are four methods in PDFLiner for how you can sign different forms:

  1. You may just write your name, and the editor will automatically create a signature.
  2. The second variant is to draw your signature by hand.
  3. You may also download the signature photo.
  4. The last way is to take a photo using your webcam.

By the way, if you have a PDFLiner account, you don’t need to make a signature every time you fill out the form. You can save your signature and use it later again. If you don’t want to sign the form online, you can print it too. However, if you send a copy of the agreement by fax or email, it’s more convenient to do it online.

How to Send OREA Form 400?

When you finish filling out the form, press the “Done” and “Share” buttons in sequence. You may allow the landlord to edit the document on the PDFLiner’s website too. You should add their email to the list of users who have access to the form.

After that, a landlord can add some info or comments. It’s more convenient than sending them a copy and making edits by yourself. You can also send a PDF to their email address.

FAQ About OREA Form 400

Check out these common questions about OREA Form 400. You can find additional information here if something is unclear.

Who needs OREA Form 400?

An individual needs to fill out this form if they want to lease premises in Ontario. A tenant should file the document and send it to a landlord. OREA Form 400 is required to verify the rental details.

What is the purpose of OREA Form 400?

Two parties, a tenant and a landlord, should sign this agreement to confirm that they take responsibility to carry out the obligations described in the form. Also, OREA Form 400 defines how long the tenant plans to lease the premises.

Does a third party need to sign this form?

No, this agreement should be signed only by a tenant and a landlord. It’s an agreement between two parties that defines the details of the rent.

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