Benefits of Going Paperless at Work

Many companies have already gone paperless and keep all their documentation in cloud applications. Why should you do this too? In this article you will find the list of benefits of paperless business nowadays. You should have a reliable service to save all your documents online. Here you will also read about PDFLIiner, which offers you to work with forms online and easily go paperless.

Go Paperless With PDFLiner

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Benefits of Paperless Office

Every company can find its benefits of going paperless at work. Here is the list of the most significant reasons why working with documents online is so attractive. Also, check the guide below on how to paperless office.

Protect the documents

When you have your documentation in paper form, it’s quite easy to damage it. Moreover, you can accidentally lose it. If you don’t have a copy, it’s sometimes impossible to restore the lost papers. Online documents solve this problem. First of all, it would be difficult to lose your forms, especially if they are in the cloud. Also, they are more protected from fraud because you should indicate a password when you open the documents online.

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Save the time

If you work with clients, it usually implies sending them some documentation. You may also send it to investors or the company you cooperate with. In both cases, online documentation saves time on exchanging forms. You can send any paper you want just in one click to another side of the world.

Save the planet

Some companies decide on going paperless in the office to take care of the environment. However, most of them don’t imagine the scale of this benefit. A huge company can produce tons of papers throughout its existence. Working with documents online saves the trees the paper is made of. Also, the recycling problem disappears when you go paperless.

Save money and space

Saving all your documents online would cost you less than printing and saving them in your office. You need less space when creating a paperless office. So the room where you kept your documentation can become a cabinet for new workers or a lounge zone. You can work with paperless documentation easily without a separate apartment for storing your papers.

Make the work more efficient

If you have a large company with multiple workers, a paperless work environment will make the working process more efficient. You can keep all the documents in the cloud and share access to all workers. So, if they need a particular document, they can just open the folder and find it at any time. PDF forms also make the process of finding a job more efficient.

How Can People Go Paperless with PDFLiner

PDFLiner is a service that allows you to manage documents in PDF format. If you decide on going paperless, you can do it with PDFLiner and enjoy the result. Here you just need to download your paper in PDF. When you visit the main page on the website, you will see a button for this. Then, you may change anything you need with the editor. After you finish, press the "Done" button and the document will be saved in your account.

All the forms you download on PDFLiner are stored there. You can also create new documentation. Additionally, the service allows sharing access to papers with other people.

PDFLiner has a large library with many tax, medical, real estate forms, and many others. You can fill them out online and send them to the institution you need without printing. Besides, the PDFLiner editor provides a huge variety of functions. You can sign the document online, add text and images, edit the existing text, etc.


People usually have a lot of questions when they go paperless. Check the most popular ones here.

Why is a paperless office good for the environment?

It saves a lot of paper material and copes with the problem of its recycling. It can be a large transition, especially for big companies.

Is a paperless office more efficient?

A paperless office system saves time, money, and space. So, you can organize your work better and increase productivity easier.

How do you encourage employees to go paperless?

You just need to show them all the benefits of this action. For example, explain to them how much space you can save for them, or that you will spend less money on papers.

How do I start being paperless?

First of all, you should download your documents online, which you can do on PDFLiner. Then you keep going to work with a paper-free office and make new documentation online.

Go Paperless with PDFLiner

Fill out, edit, sign, and share any document online and save the planet!

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