How to Lock a Signed PDF: Quick Guide

Signing PDF files is probably one of the most popular features provided by PDFLiner. There are a few ways of signing it, including a signature field or an ‘Add sign' button. But what is also needed is to lock PDF once signed. So in this article, we’ll talk about how to lock a signed PDF and provide you with step-by-step instruction.

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How to Lock a PDF After Signing

If you choose to secure a signature in PDF, it will limit unauthorized access to the file. Thus unwanted users won’t be able to open, edit, print, or comment on your PDF file. And only people with a certain password will get access to it, so your signature will be safe. Here, in PDFLiner, you can do this by following only a few steps. So here is an instruction on how to lock a PDF after signing it.

  • Register or log into your PDFLiner account.
Log into PDFLiner
  • Upload your document by clicking on the ‘Upload Document' button, or choose one from PDFLiner’s extensive catalog.
Upload a document
  • Fill it out if necessary and find the upper toolbar and click on the ‘Add Sign' button on the left. Proceed to click on the ‘Add New Signature' button.
Add a sign
  • Choose the way of signing a document. You can draw, upload, or capture it.
ways of signing a document
  • Press ‘Go to MyDocs'. You’ll get the list of all the files added to your personal account.
My Docs
  • In front of the name of the document, you need to lock you’ll find a button with three dots. Press it. To lock a PDF from editing, choose the ‘Lock file' option at the bottom of the list.
Document list
  • Create the PDF document open the password. You’ll have to follow all the safety persecutions since this password protects a PDF file. Then click ‘Lock'. This way, only you can edit signed PDF.
Lock the doc

What else can I do with PDFLiner

PDFLiner is a great solution for people who want to manage their documents much easier. The design is very intuitive, and it’s easy to work with the tools provided. Since all of the unnecessary functions featured in most editors are removed, PDFLiner is very clear and straightforward in its usage.

This versatile platform offers you not only the ability to lock PDF form but plenty of other features too. Here are some of the most popular ones:


Can I Unlock PDF using PDFLiner?

Yes! So, how to unlock PDF form? You can unlock the PDF file any time you want by taking the same steps as locking it. But at the end, just click on the ‘Unlock PDF' option.

Why should I lock the signed PDF?

After locking the signed PDF, no one unwanted won’t have access to it. They won’t be able to open, edit and use your file. So you need to lock the document after signing it to ensure the safety of the file and your signature.

Will I be able to edit the Locked PDF?

Yes. If you know the password from the locked PDF, you will open and edit it.

Can I share a locked PDF?

Yes, sure. But you will have to give the password to whomever you need to share the document with. This way, they will be able to open it.

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Liza Zdrazhevska
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