How to Sign 1040 for Quick and Effortless Submission

The IRS 1040 form is the main tax reporting form for individuals who reside in the US. In case you’ve been wondering about how to get a 1040 form, we offer a PDF version of the form and a comprehensive guide on how to do it. But how do you sign your 1040 form if you are filing it electronically? Read below to find out how and where to sign 1040 forms to make sure they are eligible for submission.

Sign 1040 Online

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How to Sign 1040 Online

In order to go online and sign a 1040 form as a self-preparer or attach your signature to a report prepared by your tax professional, you will need to use a PDF document version of this form that contains fillable fields. This also applies if your question is how to sign 1040 for deceased taxpayers — this can be done by a spouse or legal representative of the person who passed away.

After completing the blank PDF online or uploading one with all the data filled in, proceed to sign the tax return form. PDFLiner offers extensive Sign PDF Online functionality that’s highly intuitive to navigate. When you go to the respective section of the website, you’ll see the platform’s PDF editor with a toolbar on the top of the page.

Step 1: Scroll to the end of the second page, click on the Sign Field and select My Signature. Also, you can select Send for Signature so that the other party can receive the document and sign it.

1040 form signing field

Step 2. You’ll see the so-called Signature Wizard. This section stores any previous signatures that you may have used if you are a returning user. Alternatively, you can use it to quickly create a new electronic signature. In order to do it, click the "Add New Signature" button.

Adding new signature

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Step 3: In the latter case, you’ll have four options. You can either type in your name to have it transformed into a handwritten style text, draw a signature with your mouse, or use an image. The image can be uploaded or taken with your camera, which you can trigger directly from the Signature Wizard.

Signature Wizard options

Please note that the instrument is not specific to 1040; you can use it to sign any document.

Signable Form 1040

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers some common 1040 questions.

Do I need to sign 1040?

Yes, you do. You can e-sign 1040 if you choose to submit it electronically.

Does the IRS accept electronic signatures on Form 1040?

It does. E-signs are accepted on 1040 forms.

Can taxes be filed without a signature?

Not in the context of 1040.

Can my accountant sign my tax return?

You are only allowed to submit a tax return signed by an agent in case you are ill/absent from the US or for any other reasons as approved by the IRS.

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