How to Sign Schedule C for Form 1040 and Send It Right

If you are a tax resident of the U.S., you need to fill and file Form 1040 after the tax year. This form (with corresponding schedules) is the basic form for calculating and reporting your tax return. It is to be filled and sent yearly, during the period assigned for sending tax return forms and paying the taxes. It may be updated by the IRS after certain changes. If you want to know how to get Form 1040 schedule C and not get stuck with an outdated version, follow us.

Sign Schedule C

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What is the Purpose of a Schedule C?

It is to be filled and filed by sole proprietors, running their own small business or working as independent contractors. If there are extra income sources that don’t come from your primary business activity, you need to fill corresponding schedules along with Schedule C. The IRS still accepts paper forms and schedules and even has printable PDFs and its own Form 1040 instructions.

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The problem for many is they are too detailed and official (here, we provide some more humane instructions). Moreover, they completely ignore the matter of signing in their instructions. And what is a Schedule C tax form if it’s not signed?

Signing of Schedule C Form 1040

Where do you sign the Schedule C Form when you download it from the IRS official site? You need to use a standalone app for that, and that may cause trouble. Another option is to print it, sign by hand, and return it by snail mail, though there are more convenient ways in the XXI century. There exist better methods how to sign Schedule C Form 1040 – as well as any other schedule and form. With PDF Liner, the process is quite simple. It goes like this:

Signature Schedule C Form 1040
  • Click “Add New Signature” in a pop-up menu if there are none yet;
Signature method
  • Select the method of creating a signature. You can generate it online by entering your name, draw your signature, you can select the image on your computer to be used as a signature.
  • Choose the place for your signature on the document.
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Here are some common questions about Schedule C for the 1040 form and answers to them. Follow them to find out the details that may still remain unclear to you.

Do I need to sign Schedule C 1040 form?

Yes, it has to be signed to be legit. An electronic signature (or an e-sign) is just as legit as your handwritten one.

What are tax schedules at all? Why not a simple form?

Schedules are just meant to make declaring easier. Instead of having one bedsheet of text to figure out, you only fill out and file the schedules that fit your income sources and activity.

Does the IRS accept electronic signatures on Schedule C?

Yes, it does accept E-signed versions of Schedule C. It does not mean you can print the form, sign it manually, scan the signed copy, and send it. The procedure we have described above is the legit e-signing required for filing Form 1040 Schedule C in an electronic version.

Can someone else sign Schedule C for me?

No, your family members or friends cannot just sign your forms and schedules instead of you. Even if you agree to hold full responsibility for that. That’s not how the procedure is fulfilled. The one who files a Schedule C for you should be your tax representative or an agent; yes, their signature will be legit. But in this case, you:

  1. need a reason to have someone do your work;
  2. must be sure that a person is eligible to practice before the IRS in order to represent you;
  3. are still responsible for the correctness of the data provided.

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