How to Turn a PDF Into a Google Doc: Everything You Wanted to Know

If you want to learn how to turn a PDF into a Google Doc, read the article here. It will teach you the easy way to turn a PDF into one of the most popular formats, Google Docs. You can also edit the document after you convert PDF to Google Docs with the tools offered by the specific PDFLiner program.


How to Turn a PDF into a Google Doc

To change a PDF to a Google Doc, you might require some time. Yet, since PDF is one of the most popular formats around the web, there are numerous programs that offer to convert files. There are millions of forms, books, magazines, and booklets that come in PDF. All of them are usually edited. If you need to create a similar document but have no idea of how to open a PDF in Google Docs, follow the instructions below:

1. Log in the Google Drive if you are still not there;

Google Drive

2. Upload the PDF file you want to convert by either dragging the file onto the homepage of Google Drive or making a new folder and opening it with the “Upload files” button;

Upload the PDF file

3. Wait until uploading a PDF to Google Docs procedure is over;

Wait until uploading a PDF

4. Afterward, use the right-click on the PDF file. Choose “Open with” section and pick “Google Docs”;

“Open with” section

5. At this stage, the PDF to Google Docs converter starts working. It can take some time based on the size and type of your file;

Converter starts working

6. The converted file will appear on the Google Docs' main screen. Pay attention to the fact that you will not format it. Another problem with this option is that multiple pictures and charts in the document might provide poor quality of Google Docs.

Better Way to Open and Edit PDF Online

If you don’t want to chase your luck with Google Drive, you can use PDFLiner. This is a reliable way to import a PDF into Google Docs saving the high quality and editing options. Here is a quick instruction for you:

  • Pick the document you need and download it into PDFLiner. You will see the button on the main page of the program. You can upload PDF, PNG, and JPG;
Pick the document you need
  • Once the document is uploaded, decide which editor’s tools you need the most. Add the text or delete it according to your needs;
Add the text
Draw the pictures on it
  • Put the date and personalize the document with the electronic signature if you are working with official form;
Electronic signature
  • After the changes are made, you can put a PDF into Google Docs. Press the “Done button” in the right upper corner of the panel. Pick the format you need and the place to save the file.
The Done button

Edit PDF with PDFliner

What Else Can I Do with PDFLiner

You can use this Google Docs PDF viewer for any files you want. This is a great editor that has a free trial period. All the instruments are available and right in front of you. Its popular features are:

  • The option to edit a document, writing the text, highlighting it, changing as much as you need;
  • You may add figures inside. You can sign them and change their shape and size;
  • You can use the already existing forms, saved in the PDFLiner catalog. There are tax forms you need and a business agreement. All are updated by the date and ready to fill;
  • Your unique electronic signature can be added in several moves. You can create it while reading the document.

Edit PDF


You might have more questions than “can Google Docs open a PDF.” This section contains helpful answers. Check them out.

How to insert a PDF into a Google Doc?

Open the program. Upload the PDF you want, and start the conversion. Download the file, and save it into the computer. After that, you can open the Google Doc that you want to attach to the PDF. Select the image and open it.

Does everything stay the same if I convert PDF to Google Docs?

This procedure might slightly modify the letters and affect the readability of the text. Thus you have to fix everything using PDFLiner. Edit the document before you save it

Can I convert a PDF into Word using Google Docs?

You can convert a PDF into Word using Google Docs. However it’s always better to edit it first with PDF editor like PDFLiner. This way, you will not lose the quality and will be able to add everything you need there. Pick this editor to make sure that the text is not changed.

Is it better to use the PDF editor to add text to a PDF?

Yes, a PDF editor helps you to add anything you want online. It is simple and understandable. You don’t have to address any third parties since you can find every tool you need in the professional editor.

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