How to Use ChatGPT to Read PDF Documents

In this article, we'll let you in on how to use ChatGPT to analyze data and read PDF files. We'll provide a comprehensive guide on making the most of ChatGPT's capabilities, including recommended plugins and prompts to facilitate seamless file processing. Additionally, we'll provide an overview of other top-notch AI-based plugins tailored for handling PDF files efficiently. Read on to unlock the potential of AI in document management.

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Can ChatGPT Read PDFs? 

Can chatbot read PDFs? Yes, it can! ChatGPT, in its paid version, is equipped to read your files. With this functionality enabled, you can now seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into your workflow, skyrocketing your productivity to stardom.

Here are the perks of using the chat with PDF function of the AI-based service:

  • Efficient Document Processing. You can accurately extract information and insights from your files in a flash.
  • Data Analysis. You can utilize ChatGPT to analyze data within documents, gaining valuable insights.
  • Seamless Integration. You can easily integrate ChatGPT's PDF reading into your existing tools and platforms.
  • Improved Research. You can conduct comprehensive research by accessing and comprehending vast PDF resources.
  • Language Support. You can utilize ChatGPT's multilingual features in PDF reading, broadening its applications across diverse content.

With all that said, upgrading to the premium version of ChatGPT opens up a whole new world of possibilities in handling files with advanced AI technology.

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Reading PDFs With ChatGPT: Step-by-Step Guide

Can you upload documents to ChatGPT? Can ChatGPT summarize a PDF? Yes, absolutely! As a matter of fact, the chatbot is your solid ‘yes’ to a multitude of useful functions. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to upload PDF to ChatGPT and read/analyze any document with the service.

1. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus

Access the official OpenAI website, log in to your account, and follow the straightforward upgrade process. Once subscribed, you'll gain access to advanced features, including PDF reading and other premium functionalities.

Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus

2. Head to the Plugin Store

Once you have upgraded to ChatGPT Plus, navigate to the Plugin Store within the ChatGPT user interface. The Plugin Store houses various extensions designed to enhance ChatGPT's capabilities.

Head to the Plugin Store

3. Install Specific Plugins

In the Plugin Store, browse for PDF-related plugins like AskYourPDF, ChatWithPDF, or Ai PDF. These plugins enable ChatGPT to read files and perform data analysis tasks.

Install Specific Plugins

4. Activate the Chosen Plugin

After selecting the preferred plugin, click on ‘Activate’ to integrate it seamlessly into ChatGPT. Activating the plugin will enable the PDF reading functionality within the chatbot.

Activate the Chosen Plugin

5. Upload PDF to ChatGPT

To initiate the analysis, type ‘upload PDF’ into the chatbox. ChatGPT will respond with a link to follow for uploading your file. Click the link provided by the chatbot to upload your document. Upon uploading, the service will generate a unique document ID.

6. Paste the Document ID

Copy the document ID provided by the service and paste it into the ChatGPT user interface. This associates the uploaded doc with the active chat session, allowing ChatGPT to access and analyze the file's content.

Paste the Document ID

7. Ask ChatGPT Your Questions

Ask ChatGPT Your Questions

With the file uploaded and linked, you can now ask ChatGPT any questions related to the content. ChatGPT's advanced language understanding capabilities enable it to extract and provide information from the doc accurately.

8. Request Data Analysis or Summarization

Make the most of the AI-based service’s analytical prowess by asking it to analyze data or summarize the entire PDF or specific sections. This feature proves particularly useful for research, data-driven insights, and generating concise reports.

Here are some useful tips for better results:

  • ensure your PDFs are well-structured and formatted, as it aids ChatGPT in comprehension and analysis;
  • experiment with different prompts to extract specific information or insights from the PDF document effectively;
  • remember that ChatGPT's responses are generated based on the input and data available, so verify critical information when necessary;
  • if the doc is lengthy, consider breaking down questions or analysis requests into smaller, more manageable sections to avoid overwhelming the chatbot.

The step-by-step guide above enables you to use ChatGPT to read and analyze files, revolutionizing your document management and research workflows. Embrace the potential of AI-driven data analysis and bolster your productivity with ChatGPT's advanced features.

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Best Prompt Ideas 

ChatGPT's ability to read and analyze PDF files opens up a world of possibilities for users seeking to extract valuable insights from documents. By using effective prompts, you can hugely benefit from the full potential of AI. Here are some of the best prompt ideas and examples to optimize ChatGPT's PDF analysis capabilities:

  • Summarization. Request a concise summary of the doc's content to quickly grasp its key points. Example: ‘Please provide a summary of the file's key points regarding the perks of bilingualism.’
  • Data Extraction. Extract specific data points from the document for statistical analysis or comparison. Example: ‘Please extract the quarterly revenue figures for the past year from the financial report.’
  • Topic Identification. Determine the primary topic or subject matter discussed in the doc. Example: ‘What is the main focus of the research paper on digital marketing?’
  • Keyword Search. Ask ChatGPT to find and highlight specific keywords or phrases within the file. Example: ‘Please find instances of 'machine learning' in the technical documentation.’
  • Contextual Questions. Ask questions based on the PDF's content for deeper insights. Example: ‘Based on the market analysis, what factors contributed to the sales growth in Q3?’
  • Comparative Analysis. Request a comparative analysis between two PDF documents.

Example: ‘Please compare the advantages and disadvantages of products A and B as mentioned in their manuals.’

  • Citation Extraction. Ask ChatGPT to extract citations or references from the PDF.

Example: ‘Please retrieve all the references in the academic paper on artificial intelligence.’

  • Image Description. If the doc contains images, ask ChatGPT to describe them for better understanding. Example: ‘Please provide a description of the graph on page 7 depicting user engagement trends.’
  • Opinion Analysis. Inquire about the author's viewpoint or opinion on a particular topic within the file. Example: ‘What is the author's stance on the role of technology in healthcare, as presented in the whitepaper?’

By employing these prompt ideas, you can help ChatGPT read PDF most efficiently, transforming it into a versatile assistant for extracting, analyzing, and understanding the content within any PDF file. 

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Best ChatGPT App to Read PDF 

Here are some more powerful file-reading apps that utilize AI technology to enhance your document analysis experience:

1. AskYourPDF 


The app offers an interactive approach to document reading. With the service at your fingertips, you will engage in natural language conversations with PDF documents, enabling effortless data extraction and real-time summarization.

This app is a valuable tool for efficient research and analysis. However, to use it you’ll need to follow the external link and upload your PDF on that service’s website and copy/paste the generetad ID. Then, feel free to ask questions related to the document to obtain real-time analysis, data extraction, and summaries.

2. ChatWithPDF 

This app focuses on seamless integration with chat interfaces, allowing users to upload and access files effortlessly. All you need is provide the plugin with a link to your PDF. Users can request instant analysis, summaries, or specific data points from PDFs. However, the replies with this plugin are not always accurate.

3. AI PDF 


The plugin boasts advanced AI algorithms that enable comprehensive document analysis and data extraction. You will uncover valuable insights with features like keyword search, citation extraction, topic identification, and more. It caters to researchers, students, and professionals seeking in-depth PDF comprehension. 

To utilize it, enable the plugin and send a link to your PDF in the Chat. This plugin is also may not be the most accurate one in it’s replies, so make sure to double check the info before using it.

These cutting-edge PDF reading apps bring convenience and efficiency to your document analysis endeavors. These apps cater to a diverse range of user needs. Chat with any PDF and elevate your file reading experience with these innovative plugins.

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Ask AI PDF Reader at PDFLiner editor

At PDFLiner, our goal is to make our users' document workflow as easy and fast as possible. That is why we decided to create the "Ask AI" feature. From now on you don't need to go anywhere else to analyze or summarize your PDF. All you need to do is upload your document to PDF Editor and select the Ask AI tool. After that AI based on OpenAI API (similar to ChatGPT) will go through the PDF and will be able to answer all your questions. Check out the feature and let us know what you think.

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Can you upload documents to ChatGPT?

Yes. Upon upgrading to ChatGPT Plus, you can upload documents for in-depth analysis. That way, you will seamlessly integrate PDF files, text documents, or other formats into the chat interface, enabling the AI model to read and provide insights from the uploaded docs.

Can ChatGPT summarize a PDF?

Yes, absolutely. The service is equipped with the ability to summarize PDF documents. By integrating PDF files with the chat interface, users can request concise summaries from the AI model, allowing for quick and efficient extraction of key information and insights from the content.

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