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How to Hide Text in a PDF Document

Using PDFLiner, you can import images, documents or web pages to convert them to PDF files and edit. In this article, you will learn how to hide information in PDF documents, using the PDFLiner service. The process is quite simple and requires a minimum of your time.

How to Hide Text in a PDF

For PDF redaction, follow these simple steps:

  • Import a PDF file using the Upload Document button;
Window for uploading a document to the PDFliner website
  • Open the PDFLiner editor;
  • Click on the Whiteout feature;
Whiteout feature
  • After that, click on the text you need to hide and pull the white string;
  • Customize the parameters of the white string;
  • Click Done when you end the edition of the document.
Editing and saving a document
As you can see, it’s an extremely easy and straightforward way of hiding information in a PDF file. PDFLiner provides an all-purpose feature kit that will match any of your needs besides hiding information. By the way, the service provides a trial period that lasts for 10 days. You can check and try all of its features for free without any limitations.

How to Blackout Text in a PDF

Actually, to whiteout or to black out text in a PDF, you have to follow the same algorithm:

  • Follow this guide to discover how to black something out on a PDF;
  • Upload or find a PDF document from a wide library of the online PDFLiner service;
Window for uploading a document to the PDFliner website
  • Open it in the built-in editor and choose the Blackout instrument;
  • Click on it and then click on the needed place, where you want to blackout PDF;
  • Click on the Done button once you’re ready with editing the document.
Editing and saving a document
PDFLiner is a helpful PDF editor that provides a user with a diversified kit of features to allow working with PDF documents easily and quickly. You can convert or upload documents, choose official IRS forms from the library and complete them using the detailed instructions on the site.

What Else Can I Do With PDFLiner

PDFLiner is a powerful online service with a wide selection of useful tools and instruments for editing PDF documents. The features of the service are developed in order to help you cope with a large amount of documents by spending little time. If you need to convert, sign, edit, comment, or just check a PDF document, you can use one service to do it all.

The PDFLiner is also a good addition to your workflow if you’re used to processing countless documents every day. Using PDFLiner service, you can browse and edit PDFs together with your colleagues and don’t worry about the security of the data transfer. The servers don’t save your documents anywhere and therefore, the data can’t be intercepted by third-party apps or etc.


If you’re still in doubt about using the PDFLiner, here’s a selection of questions that might help you.

Will I be able to undo the changes?
Yes, you can. The Whiteout and blackout features can be easily undone if you are the owner of the edited PDF document.
How else can I protect my data?
If you’re still worried about the privacy of the information you transfer, you can use the Lock PDF feature. Using it, you can set a password to the document.
Can I enter a new text on top of the hidden one?
To enter new text on the whiteout/blackout layer, use the Add Text instrument on the tools panel.

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Dmytro Serhiiev
Tax Consultant and Co-Owner at PDFLiner