Resize PDF Images Step-by-Step

When you edit a PDF form or create a new one, you might need to resize pictures in it. How to resize a PDF image without losing the proportions? You can do it effortlessly with PDFLiner. Here you will find the guide on how to use the editor and work with PDF images.

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Guide to Resize Image in PDF

You can resize pictures without losing the quality in just four steps. Let’s see how to do it in detail.

Step 1: Open a document
There are two options to start working in PDFLiner. You can either open the existing document or create a new one.


Step 2: Upload the image. The editor opens automatically when you download the form you need. Then you should choose “Add image” in the list “Insert” that is located in the left corner. It allows you to pick the image on your computer or make one with your webcam.

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Step 3: Edit the photo
There are two ways on how to shrink a PDF image with PDFLiner. You can either increase or decrease the size by moving the corners of the photo. You can also zoom the image or cut it.
If you want to save the proportions, use the “T” button to resize the PDF image. It appears near the photo when you click on it and has two arrows aimed upwards and downwards.

Step 4: Save the form
When you finish editing the file, click the button “OK.” After that, you can work with other parts of the document.

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Resize PDF Images Step-by-Step

The PDFLiner editor has a lot of features to help you edit images. Besides resizing one, you can also duplicate it. You should use the button with an arrow near the “OK” one to move the image around the document. You also can add figures above the photo or write some text if you need it.

What Else Can I Do with PDFLiner?

When working with a form, resizing an image is not the only feature you might require. PDFLiner is a straightforward editor that offers a library with diverse forms. You can quickly fill them online with this service. Also, you can add the date field, make an e-signature, and save all the documents in your account. PDFLiner also allows you to highlight the important info in a form. You can add additional text and various figures, and edit an image in PDF. That means you can fill any form from the beginning to the end, or create a new one with all the features you need.

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If you still have some questions left, here are the most common ones to examine.

Will the image lose its quality after changing the size?

The image might become unclear if it is small and originally has low quality. However, if a picture is of high quality, you won’t see the difference after you resize and crop the image.

Can I upload photos directly from the Internet or only from my computer?

You can’t download the images from the Internet with the PDFLiner service. They should be saved on your computer first.

Can I use pictures from my Google Drive?

PDFLiner allows you to upload photos from your computer or make them with your webcam. So, you can’t use pictures from your Google Drive.

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