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Working with online forms has become really simple in recent times. The PDFLiner editor offers you a platform where you can fill out any document from the very beginning. You can use different tools for this. This article explains how to add a date to a PDF to complete the form.

Add Date To a PDF


Adding Date to PDF Step-by-Step

You might need this feature when filling out a particular form a W-9 for example or creating a new document. In both cases, it takes a little time to add the calendar to the PDF form.

Step 1: Upload the document

The first step you should take to start working with PDFLiner is to upload the form or choose the one from the library. You can do it right on the main PDFLiner page.

Uploading PDF

Step 2: Choose “Add date”

The editor opens after you download the document. Pressing the button “Add date” in the upper left corner automatically adds the date field in the PDF form. It sets today’s date, but you can edit it easily. You can also change the font size and move the field around the document.

Date feature

Step 3: Save the changes

When you successfully edit the date field, save the changes with the “OK” button. Now you know how to add a date to a PDF with PDFLiner.

Save the changes

E-signing with PDFLiner

Most of the forms that you need to fill out require the signing below. With the PDFLiner service, you don’t need to print the form to sign it manually. You can do it online in several seconds. Near the button “Add date,” you can also find the “Add sign” one.

What Else Can I Do with PDFLiner

PDFLiner has a large library of forms, which you can fill online in the editor. You can also create your documents and add text to a PDF, leave comments and highlight the required parts, sign and date a PDF. You can also make your PDF fillable by adding fillable fields. All your documents are saved in your account. There are even more useful features to check on PDFLiner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some additional information about the date field in a PDF.

Can I add several different dates to one file?

If you need to indicate the date in several places in the document, you can add as many fields as you require. Moreover, they may contain different dates too.

Can I add a date field to my PDF?

Some forms that you have to edit contain the date field to fill out. But if they don’t, or you create a new document, you can easily add the date field:

  1. Click the "Add Fields" button.
  2. Select a "Date Field" on the toolbar.
  3. Place the date field where you need it on a document.
  4. Choose a date format on the right settings bar.

Can I add a date to W9 with PDFLiner?

Yes, we have a fillable W-9 available on our website. In order to add a date to your W-9, you would need to open the form, click on a date field, and choose a date.

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