Unemployment Weekly Claim: Recommendations for Filing

Arizona employees might need unemployment weekly claims during the pandemic period. It was created by officials to help unemployed or part-time workers to receive insurance. Once you are out of the market, you receive weekly government support. To use the insurance, you have to file a weekly unemployment claim properly. Pay attention to the fact that the claim can be made only by employees who worked in Arizona.

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The pandemic period

What Is Unemployment Weekly Claim Form

The UIB-1245A or unemployment weekly claim form was created by the Arizona Department of Economic Security. This is a claim for the insurance for any employment that worked in Arizona at least during the last 18 months. This document can also be filed by part-time workers. If the form is accepted, you can receive a weekly PUA payment. PUA stands for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. You have to make sure that your unemployment is connected to the situation with pandemics.

PUA claim allows you to receive the payment for a specific week in the calendar. The unemployment benefit amount is decided by the officials. After some time, you receive the letter of PUA Benefits Determination. You will find the number of weekly benefits there. Check weekly unemployment claims data carefully to receive the money you need. Look through the CARES Act and find out whether your case is suitable to claim weekly unemployment benefits. You need to have at least one reason from the list to file the form.

Who Should Fill Out the Unemployment Weekly Claim Form

Check out the list of categories who can apply for the form. You don’t need to be entirely unemployed. However, unemployment insurance weekly claims will be accepted only if you have at least one of the reasons to file the form listed in the CARES Act. The following categories of unemployed can receive payment:

  • COVID-19 survivals that were fired;
  • Workers who lost their job while members of their families were diagnosed with COVID-19;
  • Caregivers in the family with COVID cases;
  • The company was closed because of the COVID impact;
  • You lost your unemployment benefits because you refused to go back to work during the pandemic;
  • Your work requires providing services to a wide audience, opposing to the restrictions of the basic health rules for the pandemic period;
  • You can’t get to your work because of the quarantine;
  • Your working hours have been reduced;
  • Self-employers who lost their clients because of the pandemic.

How to Fill Out the Unemployment Weekly Claim Form

Unemployment Weekly Claim Form on PDFLiner

The Department of Economic Security in Arizona offers you to file an unemployment weekly claim online. This is the quickest way to receive the answer. Besides, you don’t have to leave your home during the lockdown period. The form is free of charge. You may find it either on the website of Arizona officials or on the PDFLiners one.

We recommend you to use PDFLiner since this service is simple, has all the tools you need, and does not require any printing and scanning. There are 3 pages in the form and explanations on how to file weekly unemployment claims. Follow the next steps:

  1. Enter your name, social security number, and week ending date;
  2. Take a look at the categories of people who can file the claim based on the CARES act. You can put several ticks near the boxes that match your situation;
  3. Put your signature and date. With PDFLiner, you can create an electronic signature right in this document by clicking the "Add Sign" button;
  4. There is guidance for answering the questions from the 2nd page. You will also find the guidance on the 3rd page. Tick the right boxes that match your situation;
  5. If you look for work after becoming unemployed, you have to specify it. Provide the name of the employer, a contact person, a method of search, a type of work, and actions you took on a contact date;
  6. It is important to indicate whether you refused any jobs during the unemployment period;
  7. If you have part-time work, provide the information as well;
  8. If you attend courses or training in order to find work, specify this in the appropriate box;
  9. Put your signature and date on the 2nd page. Use a saved e-signature on PDFLiner.

The third page contains the explanation to every question on the 2nd page. If you find something you are not sure about, check this page in advance. It is better to scroll down and read the information before you fill out the 2nd page.

How to Sign Unemployment Weekly Claim Form

You can try to address third parties to create a signature and add it to the form. You can also print the form, sign it, and scan it back. However, the most straightforward way to sign the Unemployment Weekly Claim form online is by using PDFLiner. This form already has the "Sign Field" at the end of the second page. Click on it. It will offer you to sign the form using different ways:

  • Choose one of your previous signatures;
  • Create new signature;
  • Upload the JPG file from your device.
Signature Wizard

Use the most suitable option for you. If you decide to create a signature in the document, you may try a handwritten font, drawing tool, or camera capturing. Once you finish with it, press the "Done" button.

How to File an Unemployment Weekly Claim Form

You have to go to the official website of PUA claims. Find the new updates on this form if there are some. The Arizona Department of Economic Security brought changes several times after its release on May 1. There are deadlines you can’t miss. You need to work in Arizona for the last 18 months.

You can send the fax with this document to the Department of Economic Security. There are two numbers you will find in the form on the 2nd page. You still can mail this document using regular mail. The address is on the 2nd page as well. You can visit the official website of the department and send the form online.

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Check the most popular questions about the claim. The answers might be helpful to Arizona citizens or employees who lost their jobs during COVID-19. Although this is an Arizona form, you can find similar claims in every state of the US.

How do I check the status of my unemployment claim in Arizona?

You can check your status on the official website of Arizona officials. If you don’t want to write a letter or chat online, contact the call center and receive information. Dial the number 1-877-766-8477, which is a Voice Response System. There is a menu with numerous features and services.You can pick the Claims and Benefits to enter your PIN and Social Security. After that, you will receive an update on your claim’s status. If you want, you can wait for the operator and speak about other concerns you have. If you lose your PIN, contact AED and request a copy.

How do I file a weekly unemployment claim?

We are talking about a weekly claim for pandemic unemployment assistance here. If you suffered from COVID, losing your job, or cutting your daily hours of work, you can file the claim. It will help you to receive insurance from the government. To do it, you have to provide specific information about your particular situation, including the reasons for filing the claim. Check the CARES Act and find the statement that suits your requirements.The form must be filed with the Arizona Department of Economic Safety. There is a signature you must add to the form. Make sure you use an e-signature editor, like PDFLiner, to simplify the procedure.

How do I get a weekly unemployment claim?

Weekly Unemployment Claim is also known as the UIB-1245A form. It is available either on the Arizona Department of Economic Security official website or in PDFLiner. Open it and read the lines you need to fill; there are also detailed instructions on this page. Fill the line one by one, and don’t forget to put ticks in the appropriate boxes.This form was created for Arizona unemployed citizens, but you can find similar forms with claims for people affected by COVID-19 anywhere in the US. Check out your local economic security department. Your main task is to inform the government about the reasons for your unemployment and whether you are a caregiver in the family. Once the officials receive your claim, they decide whether you receive the payment and how much.

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UIB 1245A Weekly Claim 6012710ecfc776196819e3c2
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