Best Cloud-Based PDF Tools in 2023

You might have heard about cloud-based PDF software or even have already used it. Unfortunately, not all users know the answer to “what is a cloud PDF tool?” and understand how to use it. Such software is made for everyone who needs to work with PDF documents in daily life. No matter whether you send PDF contracts to your partners, edit manuscripts for authors, or fill out electronic tax forms, cloud-based tools are your salvation.

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Advantages of Using Cloud-Based PDF Tools

As the modern world is getting more digitized these years, you can do almost everything online, including studying and working. It embodies the ability to create documents and keep them on the Cloud, where you can always reach them with the appropriate software to edit PDF files. To do this, you need to find the best options on the market that allow you to work without any problems. If you don’t know how to pick the appropriate tool for editing PDF, consider these basic features:

Accessibility from anywhere

This is the first thing you have to search for in any cloud-based program. It is the major benefit of Cloud Storage. The idea behind it was to provide users with the ability to use the same tools they used on any device. No matter whether you are on the road and want to edit papers via the phone or at the office and use a desktop, every tool has to be integrated. You don’t need to send files to yourself from one email to another or to keep everything on your USB.

Using Cloud-Based PDF Tools

Collaboration and sharing

One of the features you should look for when choosing a PDF tool is whether your colleagues or business partners can also use it. You have to make sure that there is access to the documents you create using PDF tools. The best PDF editor free download software already offers the ability to share files via Cloud Storage. If you are a student, don’t underestimate this feature since your teacher may ask you to share the homework or your project with the team. However, before you do it, make sure that the storage is protected.

Security and data privacy

Programs for editing PDFs always offer increased protection for their users; however, some online services might be unreliable and sell your personal data to scammers. To avoid it, you need to use trustable software. Read the rules and regulations on the website and make sure that the data has advanced encryption. While you can open access to specific documents in your storage, it has to be locked and closed for third parties.

Top Cloud-Based PDF Tools in 2023

There are lots of cloud-based tools with different online storage advantages, but not all of them are equally suitable for you. If you are looking for the best option, you need to know your alternatives. In 2023, there is a wide range of choices to pick from. If you are not sure of how to find the program you need, check out this list of top services:

1. PDFLiner

PDFLiner software

PDFLiner brings every benefit of Cloud Storage to a new level. The software is simple to use, has a free basic version, an impressive library with already made templates, high-security level, advanced integration, and quick-to-extract PDF documents in the storage.

You will be amazed by the wide range of tools that are available on numerous devices. The library is constantly growing, and you can also add your own documents to the Cloud Storage in no time. PDFLiner is especially popular among business owners, students, and private citizens that need to fill out tax documents.


✔️ The constantly growing library of templates;

✔️ Advanced security with encryption;

✔️ Tools that allow you to create new documents and edit old ones;

✔️ Ability to download and edit your documents;

✔️ Simplicity.


❌ Not all functions are available for free;

❌ The library has its limits as well.

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2. DocHub

main page of DocHub

For $6.99 per month, you get the ability to sign, edit, and send PDF documents to other recipients online. This editor has numerous benefits and is well-known for its integration with other programs. You can start working by uploading the necessary file to DocHub and keep it there until you complete the task. With DocHub, you can forget about printing and scanning.


✔️ You receive access to the information storage on Cloud PDF;

✔️ The ability to sign documents;

✔️ You can quickly complete the files you have started before;

✔️ You can modify the document you’ve created.


❌ It might slightly lag during the editing process;

❌ The navigation might be confusing at first.

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3. PDFEscape

main page of PDFEscape

You can use this program free of charge if the files don’t exceed 10 MB. It might be enough for editors who work on manuscripts. However, you can always upgrade this option for $2.99 per month. This program offers you to zoom your documents during work if you need it. You can annotate PDFs as well. The editor supports Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


✔️ Easy to use;

✔️ Offers a zooming feature for the documents;

✔️ Supports almost all browsers;

✔️ Uses a password-protection system.


❌ The limited number of pages you may edit;

❌ Provides a constrained number of tools.

PDFEscape Alternative

4. Sejda

main page of Sejda

This PDF editor’s basic version is free of charge and provides tools for editing your PDFs. The monthly price of the advanced version is $7.50. However, you may choose among other plans that the company offers based on the size of your team and the frequency of visits on the platform. The free trial period comes with a limit of 200 pages. You can use this program to add images to the document, sign it, or send it to other people.


✔️ You can design the page and add images there;

✔️ You may add the links in PDF;

✔️ Use Google Drive and Dropbox with it;

✔️ Sign the documents there.


❌ It might be confusing during the first use;

❌ There is a limit of 200 pages.

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5. PDFSimpli

main page of PDFSimpli

If you need a program that converts PDF into other formats, this is your perfect option. It is a powerful tool for accountants and those who work with multiple documents at the same time. You can finish the conversion in 3 steps there. Apart from that, you may edit PDFs using the provided tools.


✔️ Converts multiple formats into PDFs;

✔️ Compresses the chosen files;

✔️ Offers an e-signature feature;

✔️ You can add images to the documents.


❌ Limited editing abilities;

❌ You can find a better security plan.

PDFSimpli Alternative

How Cloud-Based PDF Tools Impact Businesses

By now, you might have understood the advantages of using cloud-based tools for PDF documents in your work. In this section, you will find specific pros based on the type of work you do. There are also several universal and undeniable attractions of these tools for your business:

Increased productivity and efficiency

You don’t have to waste your time running from one room to another just to ask your colleagues to sign documents. There’s no need to apply extra effort and look for the documents you’ve edited several days before. You can also skip searching for your business partners who took important documents with them.

Improved document management and control

All the files you need are gathered in one place. It is better to organize them based on the time, type, or client you work with. This way, you will find everything in no time.

Streamlined approval processes

Once you finish the document, you can send it to a colleague, who can edit and approve it. You don’t have to run to another building to find this person, just share the link with them.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Business Needs

There are hundreds and thousands of different tools on the market. Not all of them are efficient, and you don’t require all of them for business. However, it might be tricky to find the tools you need for a beginner in the digital world.

If you are still doubtful about the benefits such services offer, reread our basic recommendations with descriptions of the most popular tools online. Almost all of them are free and offer a wide range of benefits, so spend some time checking them out before you pick one.

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