How to Fill Out Passport Renewal Application: Useful Tips

DS-82 form is also known as Passport Renewal Application. If you want to learn how to fill out a passport renewal application, you might need to update the passport that already exists. The form is required by the US Department of State. Citizens who don’t have passports yet must submit a DS-11 form.

DS 82 Form

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What Is a DS-82 Form

Many people tend to mistake the DS-82 application form for the DS-11. This is why it is important to answer the questions on the first page of the form and find out whether you can use it. The US passport renewal form DS-82 must be filed only if you need to update the already existing document. It is provided to the citizens of the US. The old passport must not be damaged, stolen, or ran out of the 10-year validity some time ago. This form can be used only by adult citizens. This is the form for renewing a passport for a narrow number of specific reasons. The old passport must still be valid and present while you are filling the form.

DS 82 Form

What Are the Main Requirements for the DS-82 Form

There are several requirements for the US passport renewal application for eligible individuals. You will see them on the first page of the form. Check them out before you start filling the document or paying a fee:

  • You should own the recent passport you have with the US residency stated in it;
  • You are 16 years old or older;
  • Your current passport was given to use less than 15 years ago;
  • The current passport is not stolen or damaged;
  • The current passport is not limited to a 10-year period of validity because of damage or theft;
  • You have the same name as on your passport or it was changed due to marriage or court order so that you can confirm it.

How to Fill Out a DS-82 Form

The government provides DS-82 instructions for completing. The form is not that complicated to fill out. However, you have to read the detailed manual to prevent mistakes. This form is 6 pages long. Still, it is mostly made of instructions for applicants. Several preparations must be done before you complete the form.

Questions to answer

The first page contains questions that you have to check and answer. Put the ticks on the appropriate boxes "Yes" or "No." It reveals the eligibility to use this form. If you answer No to at least one of the questions, this form is not what you need. You may use the DS-11 form, personally appearing at the local department. If you live outside the US but are an American citizen, you can search for the nearest embassy or consulate. Make sure your answers are true, and you completely understand the question.

Documents you have to add

Check out the documents you have to provide together with the passport renewal application form. You also have to print the first and second pages of the form on separate sheets of paper. Add the following documents:

  • Your current passport or card;
  • Photograph no older than 6 months, in color;
  • If your name is changed, you have to add the court order or marriage certificate;
  • Fee.

Information to mention in the form

Now you can start filling the form. You can easily do it either on the government website or here, on PDFLiner. You will find the papers you need right after the manual, located on the 5th page. Follow the next steps:

  • Put a tick in the most appropriate box naming the document you are applying for. It can be passport book, card, both of them, large or regular book;
  • Write down your last, first, and middle names;
  • Enter your date of birth, sex, and place of birth;
  • Provide your security number, email, and phone. Indicate your mailing address, including the city, state, zip code, and country if it is outside the US;
  • List the names you have used if there are any;
  • Provide the data from the current passport, including its number, and issue date;
  • If you changed the name, complete section 11 with the information;
  • Sign the document and put the date;
  • On the second page, provide the information about your name, date of birth, height, hair and eye color, occupation, and school;
  • You can provide additional phone numbers if you have them, and the permanent address of your living;
  • Enter the name of the emergency contact;
  • Indicate your upcoming travel plans if you have any. Otherwise, write down "none" in the last section.

How to Sign a DS-82 Form with PDFLiner

After you’ve clarified the question of "what is a DS-82 form?" you have to understand how to sign it before sending the document to officials. You need to sign the form in the appropriate box. The signature must be legal. You can print the form and sign it with a pen. After that, you need to scan the document back.

However, you can avoid wasting your time by using PDFLiner. This editor has a special tool that is called "Signature Wizard." Just press click on the "Sign Field" on the bottom of the 5th page. You can create your signature by choosing "Add New Signature." There is an option that allows you to upload the signature you already have, or you can use your phone camera and take a photo of your signature.

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DS 82 Form


We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about the DS-82 form here. You might find answers to these questions beneficial, so read them before you complete the document.

How to download Form DS-82?

This form is available for installation either on the government website or on the PDFLiner’s page. You can download it anywhere as it is free of charge for anyone. However, you have to make sure that you need this form in particular and not DS-11 or others. Open the form whenever you find it and check the details.

How to submit DS-82 for Passport Renewal Application?

Unlike the DS-11 form, you don’t have to give it into the hands of a special authorized agent. You can mail the form. If you need to provide the fee, you can do it via the bank as well. Applicants may choose whether to send the money by mail or use online payment. If you decide to send the form by the US mail system, you have to find the local department of the National Passport Processing Center.

Where to get the DS-82 form?

The form is available on any state government website with official forms. You can even find it on the websites of embassies. You will need to enter its name in the search field. Yet, you can save time by simply pressing the form here, on PDFLiner. It will open in a second.

Where to mail DS-82?

It depends on your current accommodation. The information on the address is included inside the form. If you are a TX, NY, MN, IL, FL, or CA citizen, you can mail the document to the National Passport Processing Center, PO BOX 640 155 Irving, TX 75 064−0155. If you live elsewhere, you have to check the details with the US Department of State.

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DS 82 Form

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