How to Copy an Image from PDF Documents: A Step-by-Step Guide

While being the go-to format for many purposes, PDF appears to have a bad rap for its image-related capabilities. Luckily, PDFLiner boasts a number of features for adding images to documents, copying existing ones, and more. This article explains how to make use of the functionality.


If you want to be able to copy images from PDF documents, you should open them in PDFLiner’s Editor.To copy picture from the PDF, enter the Select mode. Left-click the image. A toolbar will appear near it. Click the third icon from the left.

Copy images from PDF documents

Move the outline of the picture to the place you want the copy to be and left-click there.

Move the outline of the picture to the place you want the copy to be

This is how to copy a picture from a PDF within the same file.

Copied picture

Alternatively, you can save images from PDFs by right-clicking them and choosing the respective option in your browser’s menu, and add them to other files.

How to Add an Image to a PDF

With the PDF open in the Editor, open the Insert drop-down menu on the main toolbar. Click Add Image and choose to insert an existing image or upload/capture a new one. Move your mouse to place it and drop when it’s in the right position. You can use it after you save picture from a PDF.

What Else Can I Do with PDFLiner

Apart from copying images from PDF files, PDFLiner gives you an opportunity to edit your documents by adding fillable text/date/signature fields and creating new ones from scratch. You can add text and draw on top of any PDF elements.

For legal documents, we offer you a number of ways to sign your forms with an electronic signature. Filling out forms doesn’t take much time due to straightforward navigation between fields. When ready, you can lock and/or share your document according to your needs. You also have the ability to convert it to JPEG if you need an image.

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This section answers some of the most common questions related to PDFLiner’s image functionality.

Can I save or copy images only from my PC?

Yes. PDFLiner’s mobile version doesn’t offer the image copying feature. If you know how to save images from PDFs using your mobile browser, though, you can do it.

Can I cut the image from PDF?

Yes, you can. Now that you know how to copy images from PDFs, you can follow the procedure up to the point where you are to click a button on the image toolbar. Choose the bin icon, and the image will be gone.

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