How to Add a Watermark to a PDF: Quick Guide

Below is a comprehensive instruction on how to add a watermark to a PDF. Read it attentively, and you won’t have problems with this routine process anymore. We covered all the best methods so that you don’t have to waste time googling for other solutions.

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How to Add Watermark to PDF

Adding a watermark to a PDF can be done differently. The easiest way is to add a textual watermark online as you don’t need to download any apps for that. You can quickly add a watermark to a PDF online, using the PDFLiner platform. Here’s a step-by-step instruction.

If you have an image watermark in PNG, you can add it with PDFLiner too. To do it, you have to open your document via the platform’s starting page. When the file is open in the editor, click Image in the toolbar and select the file on your computer. When the image is placed, click Done to save or export the edited document.

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Step 1: Choose the needed form from PDFLiner extensive library or upload your own document if it’s not there.

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Step 2: Click the Watermark button.

Watermark button on PDFliner

Step 3: Use the settings bar on the right to enable the watermark, edit its text, and set the needed orientation, opacity, and size.

Watermark settings on PDFliner

Step 4: Click Save in the top right corner and the watermark will appear on all the pages of your document.

Watermark save button on PDFliner

Now that you know how to add Watermarks PDF pages, you can also use free online services to design a watermark if you don’t have one yet. Here are some good services:

  • — a free service for designing PNG logos online quickly;
  • — good online freemium solution for companies;
  • — free semi-automatic logo-maker with thousands of automated templates.

Voila! Now you can add watermarks by right-clicking on the document and choosing Add Watermark in Quick Actions.

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Do you need more information? Below are some more concise replies to the question that may bother you after reading the main paragraph.

Can you add a watermark to a PDF?

Of course, you can! Use PDFLiner’s online editor to do it, or choose any other solution from our listing of trusted services.

How to add a confidential watermark in PDF?

Adding a confidential watermark to your documents doesn’t differ from adding other watermark types. However, we recommend protecting your confidential PDFs with extra safety measures as a watermark doesn’t protect your information from viewing.

Does watermarking PDF is hard?

Watermarking PDF is the process of adding a faint but often decorative or distinctive image or text in the paper to a document. It may sound daunting, but you can make it easy if you use PDFliner and follow our instructions!

Is there an ‘add watermark to PDF Mac' instruction?

If you use macOS Mojave or a newer version, you can quickly add watermarks to multiple pages of your PDF documents. To enable the feature in the list of ‘Quick Actions' menu, do the following:

  1. Open Automator (search in the Spotlight);
  2. Click New Document, Contextual Workflow, and Choose;
  3. Select PDFs in the sidebar and double-click Watermark PDF Documents;
  4. Click Add and find the needed watermark image file;
  5. Adjust the watermark if needed, and save the new workflow.

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