How to Insert Image into PDF

It’s beyond a reasonable doubt that most people who deal with any kind of documents electronically do so using the PDF format. So the chances are high that you’ll need to add images to a PDF at some point. Here’s how and when to do it with minimum effort.

Insert Image Into PDF

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When to Add Images to a PDF

There are a couple of the most common situations when you might need to add an image to a PDF:

  1. If you engage in collaborative projects or use PDF for explaining processes, the question of how to add an image to PDF documents is most probably of relevance to you.
  2. When a document that you are filing requires your photo on it.
  3. It is also sometimes a feasible solution to the signing problem.
  4. Finally, people who want to add a personal touch to a pre-existing PDF form, as well as translators trying to piece together a crippled document received from the customer, often find themselves asking how to add photo to PDF file.

Add Image to PDF

A (Brief) Guide to Adding an Image to a PDF

While there’s a vast number of editors available on the market, not all of them offer image functionality for PDF. Those which do, such as the pro version of Adobe Acrobat, tend to be on the pricey side and not always easy to navigate.

Alternatively, you can add images in PDF online using specialized services, among which we highly recommend the PDFLiner editor due to its simplicity:

Step 1: Upload your document to PDFLiner.

Uploading PDF into PDFLiner

Step 2: Click on the "Insert" icon in the upper toolbar.

Step 3: Choose the "Add Image" tool.

Adding image in PDFLiner editor

Step 4: Upload or Capture your image to insert JPG into PDF.

Image Wizard in PDFLiner

Step 5: Click the "Done" button.

Hopefully this quick guide answered you how to put picture in PDF file in just a few clicks.

What If I Want to Add an Image to a PDF in Preview?

When it’s necessary to paste image into PDF files, Mac users often stick to Preview. It’s not as easy as with online editors and needs a workaround where you convert the image to a PDF and insert it as a page. Embedding an image into a page would be even more sophisticated, though.

Using Images to Sign Your Documents

Probably one of the most common uses of image files built into PDF documents is creating a plausible imitation of your handwritten signature in order to make the whatever you sign come into effect.

In most cases, you handle it just like any other picture. Using the software or online platform of your choice, follow the image-embedding procedure to place the signature where you need it. This often involves taking a photo or cropping a scan copy of your signature.

Unfortunately, the approach often results in compromised quality, especially where the resolution of the image to be imported is not sufficient.

A viable alternative can be to input your handwriting directly as a drawing. Luckily, you can sign a PDF online rather than add image signatures to PDF files using services such as PDFLiner, where you “draw” it with your mouse’s cursor. Your signatures can be stored.

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