How to Type on a PDF: Step by Step Guidebook

Sometimes, you need to modify PDF online, and you can do it easily on our website. Typing in a PDF document is an easy way to put the PDF modifications you need. Here you will find a guide on how to type in a PDF document for free and some recommendations for working in a PDF.

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Typing text into PDF

Typing in PDF: Nice and Easy

A PDF is a format you use to send the ready paper to the service or your employer. That’s why modifying a PDF document is not available in the standard PC programs. However, many forms downloaded in a PDF format should be filled in and signed. That’s why this guide on how to modify a PDF will help you with that.

Another reason you may know how to type on a PDF form is when you should leave some comments or corrections. If you’re an editor, you can perform PDF modifications easier. With a PDF modifier like PDFLiner, you don’t need to change the file format and spend so much time working with the form.

Many sites offer typing in a PDF form nowadays. However, not all services are convenient to use, and sometimes it takes too much time to know how to type in PDF documents. Typing in PDF should be nice and easy every time. PDFLiner requires several minutes to start working with your document and not only typing in PDF online but also editing it as much as you need.

Edit PDF Online

How to Type in PDF with PDFLiner

If you use the PDFLiner for the first time, you should log in before the main working process. Thanks to this, you will be able to save the document on our website. Then, you can learn how do you type in PDF.

Step 1: First of all, upload the file you want to edit on the front page.

Upload the file on PDFliner

If you don’t have a document on your PC but have an URL link, it also can be used.

When you have uploaded the document, the editor will open.

Step 2: The editor allows you to add new text by one click. Just pick the "Add Text" tool and click where you want to start typing.

Add Text tool on PDFliner

Step 3: You can change the fonts, text size, and color. There are also a lot of other features our editor has, so you can experiment with your text as you want.

Text Changing on PDFliner

Step 4: After you finish editing your file, you can save it on your PC, share, lock, or print it.

As you see, it’s not complicated to type into PDF online if you know what platform to use and how to type in PDF forms.


Below, you will find additional information on how to write on a PDF. You may feel free to write our support service if you haven’t found what you need.

How to type on a PDF document for free?

Our website allows the free trial for several days, so you can easily try it with our guide on how to modify PDF files. This option also brings you the opportunity to find the documents or forms you need on our platform. On the front page, you will see the large button to upload the file and start editing it.

How to type in a downloaded PDF?

If you have already downloaded your PDF, the editor will open automatically. Here you will be able to type and change the filling as much as you want.

How to type in a PDF on Mac?

Our website works on any device you have. If you follow the guide on how to type in a PDF file above, you can change your document simply.

Can I modify a PDF for free with PDFLiner?

You can modify any file in PDFLiner for free, but you need to sign in and choose a suitable plan to be able to save these documents on our website and your PC.

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