How to Get Form 1095-A for Accurate Tax Reporting

Form 1095-A must be used as part of tax reporting if at least one person who’s part of your household had a Marketplace health insurance plan in 2020. It belongs to proof of insurance forms that are necessary for filing your taxes with the IRS. This article answers a popular question, “Where do I get Form 1095-A?”, or “Is it possible to view 1095-A online?”, which is especially relevant for Marketplace users who haven’t received the essential document.

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How to Get Form 1095-A

1095-A form on the PDFLiner

There are multiple answers to “How do I get my 1095-A?” depending on which approach is more convenient to you. Generally, it’s health insurance exchanges such as and others (this may depend on the state) that are to mail a copy of 1095-A both to the IRS and the policyholder. If you enrolled in a Marketplace program in 2022, you should have received the form by February 2023.

Otherwise, however, the most appropriate answer to the question “Where do I find my 1095-A” is that you should look for it at, request 1095-A from the IRS, or fill out and download a PDF version from PDFLiner. Please remember that you need to be a registered user to download 1095-A from your account at When logged in, select 2022 under Your Existing Applications, then select Tax Forms on the left, and go to Your Forms 1095-A for Tax Filing. You’ll be able to open and save the form as the next step.

One easy way in which you can get 1095-A online is by accessing its PDF version on PDFLiner. PDFLiner is an online platform that offers an extensive PDF signing and editing toolkit along with a wealth of helpful electronic forms which you can use to file your taxes on the web. Now that you know how to obtain Form 1095-A, your next move might be to see a complete guide on how to fill out Form 1095-A, also offered by the platform.

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Who sends 1095-A?

The form is sent out by health insurance exchanges.

What should I do if I did not receive 1095-A?

You need to get the form using one of the three methods described above before filing your taxes.

Does Medicaid send a 1095-A?

No, it doesn’t. Only Marketplace organizations do.

What if the information is incorrect or missing from my 1095-A?

You have to contact the federal Marketplace or the local one that you purchased your plan from. If the form proves to be inaccurate, you’ll most likely be sent a corrected version.

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Form 1095-A

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