How to Go Paperless at Work: Step-by-Step Instructions

Going paperless requires some time and effort before you can entirely work with online documentation. However, with PDFLiner, it becomes more pleasant to create a paperless work environment. Also, you can edit your documents online with PDFLiner. Check out the comprehensive guide below for a step-by-step transition of the way to store documentation.

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How to Go Paperless at Work

The process of going paperless at work differs in each company because of the number of workers and departments, product type, etc. Here are the main steps to go paperless quickly.

Create a team

Usually, a company has a lot of documentation that you should transfer online. You probably can’t do it in one day and with one pair of hands. That means you need a reliable team for creating a paperless office and a plan that might last several weeks or months. The best way is to select the heads of all departments or other workers that are familiar with a particular direction in your business.

Choose a solution and plan

If you don’t set a deadline and write a step-by-step plan, the process of going paperless might become too long. That’s why you should set the priorities first. Which papers are the most essential to send them online? Which documentation is better to leave in the paper form for a longer time?
The solution should include all details like which cloud service you will use, how you will make papers digital, and when you should finish this process so as not to harm your business development. Be free to change it when needed. Going paperless might seem a little different before you start.

Start uploading documents

Some of the documents you have in the paper form don’t have a digital copy. You can scan them and upload them on the cloud. However, it’s more meaningful how you save the documents which appear when you begin the paperless work. Some of them you’re creating in your company, so you should use an editor for this. Another part comes from clients or other institutions, so you need to decide on how you will upload them on the cloud.

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Make a checklist and follow it

When finishing a process, create a checklist to see what you have completed from your plan. You will see what requires an improvement and which steps were unnecessary. Also, you can compare how much time, money, and space you have saved going paperless. Consider that you might not see this change immediately.

Continue working with a paperless office

The process of working paperless continues, and it also requires reliable solutions. In some time, you will see how to organize a cloud space, create forms quicker, and how many people should track the way the paperless documentation is saved.

How to Go Paperless with PDFLiner

One of the efficient solutions to go paperless is PDFLiner. It has two main functions you need for this. The service offers you to edit the existing PDFs and to create new documents.
On the website, you will find a button for uploading your forms. So, it takes one click to start. Then the editor opens, and you can change the text, add a new one, upload images, add diagrams, sign the document, and many others. Also, if you work with people, you can obtain and securely store their signatures.


When you know all the benefits of the paperless office solution, it’s much easier to make this choice. Here you will find some questions about this topic.

Is a paperless office more efficient?

In the beginning, you might spend some time going paperless. However, it will pay off later because you will save your time, money, and space.

How much do companies save by going paperless?

It depends on the size of the company and the number of papers they use. But it’s reported that companies can spend up to a hundred dollars per worker each year. With a paperless business, you will have fewer costs.

What is the best paperless office software?

There are various cloud platforms for this solution. PDFLiner is considered one of the most efficient services because it allows you to edit your documents if required.

Go Paperless with PDFLiner

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