How to Rearrange PDF Pages Online

Do you want to know how to change page order in PDF? While the PDF format is extremely convenient, it also comes with some challenges. When we talk about working on PDF files, one of the most common tasks you need to perform is to reorganize PDF pages. This is something that you cannot achieve with regular PDF readers, so the tools of PDFLiner become extremely useful. You can make all the necessary changes to your files for free and without any special knowledge.

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How to Rearrange PDF Pages

If you are looking for a way to reorganize PDF pages online and without having to install software or an app on your device, PDFLiner provides you with this opportunity. The PDFLiner site has instruments to help you quickly manage PDFs in this way. The steps you have to follow to rearrange PDF pages online are:

1. The first step is to upload the necessary file to the site:

A) To do this, you can click the ‘Upload document' button and choose a document on your device

B) Also, you can type a document URL or use a ‘Search for Document' function to add a fillable file from the extensive PDFLiner catalog.

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2. After you add a document, you can click on the ‘Page Settings' tool that is located in the upper left sidebar.

Clicking page settings in PDFLiner

3. You can change the order of pages by using the ‘Right' and ‘Left' buttons that will be opened. Also, there is a ‘Delete' button available.

4. Once you are happy with the changes you made, you can press the ‘Apply' button. At this stage, you should check that all pages are now in the right place.

Rearranging pages in PDF screenshot

5. The last step is to press ‘Done'.

6. Choose how you want your document to be saved — as PDF or JPG. You can also send it by email, print, or share directly from the site.

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As you can see, reordering PDF pages is a quick process that anyone can do from their computer. It`s also a great way to organize PDF files. The service is completely free to use, and all you need to do is register on the site by entering your password and email. With this registration, you can not only replace PDF pages online on your documents, but also find useful files and forms on the site.

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What Else Can I Do With PDFLiner

You can not only reorder PDF pages online with PDFLiner, as there are other features offered on the site. When needed, you can convert your PDF document to JPG format and download the file to your device.

Another great advantage is that you can use the site to sign PDF files with the online signature tool. This is a highly valuable feature for any documents, including various tax forms. You can add extra fields to your documents and make them fillable right on the PDFLiner platform. What’s more, you can also find the most popular tax forms and fill them out on the site for maximum convenience and ease.

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Can I delete pages from a PDF document?

Yes, while you sort PDF pages, you can easily delete any of them in the process. All you need to do is use the ‘Delete' button in the ‘Rearrange Pages' section.

Can I add new pages to my PDF?

Similar to deleting PDF pages, you can also add new ones with the help of our PDFLiner site.

How do I rearrange PDF pages on my phone?

The process of rearranging pages on your smartphone is the same as the one when you use your computer. You have to open the site and download a document from your device.

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Liza Zdrazhevska
Content Marketer at PDFLiner