How to Sign a 1040-X Form Easily

Form 1040-X is meant for taxpayers to amend taxes they have erroneously returned. After filling the return, you don’t have (and, generally speaking, you can’t) just refile taxes. But mistakes and errors do happen, so there is a special form 1040-X you need to fill, sign, and file.

If you were wise enough to keep a copy of your return, you could review it later when you discovered a mistake or found a reason to claim tax credit or deduction. It can be filed after you have filed your main forms.

Sign a 1040-X Form

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How to Sign a 1040-X Form

The first idea is to download the form from the IRS site, fill and sign it locally, and file it afterward. Of course, you always have the official IRS Form 1040-X instructions, but we offer an easier and faster way to get your 1040-X filled, signed, and filed.

In the electronic form, there is a special place where to sign the amended tax return form. If you provided the real data when registering on PDFLiner, your e-signature here would be linked to your identity and thus personality. Here is how to sign a 1040-X using PDFLiner.

The place for signatures is at the bottom of Page 2 of Form 1040-X. To e-sign 1040-X, you should:

Step 1: Scroll the form down to the bottom of Page 2.

Step 2: Click or tap on the “Sign Field”.

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Step 3: If you already have one or more signatures on PDFLiner, you can choose among them.

Step 4: If you have not created a signature yet, you can generate it by clicking the “Add a New Signature” button.

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Step 5: Choose a signing method and create your signature.

If you didn’t work with Form 1040-X, you might want to look at it to see whether it’s that easy. Here, you can easily understand how to get Form 1040-X on PDFLiner, along with all the editing tools you might need and all the instructions. This versatile service can be used for signing any document you need.

Sign 1040-X Form


If you still have some questions left, here are the most common ones taxpayers usually ask about signing a 1040-X Form. Read them thoroughly to understand the specifics.

What is an amended tax return?

It’s the amendment to your tax returns you have already filed but want to amend. The reasons may vary: you might have found a mistake in your returns or remembered some income you had not mentioned, or learned a reason to file for tax credits or deductions.

Who can sign an amended tax return?

Spouses can sign for each other under certain circumstances (if the return is joint, though, both spouses must sign it). Parents can sign for their minors in case their signatures are necessary, too. In general, the returns can be signed by third parties that have the power of attorney, and a form confirming the power needs to be included.

Can I e-sign Form 1040-X?

Yes, and the guide above contains an explanation of how to do it.

Can someone else amend my tax return?

Tax amendment forms are meant to be sent by the taxpayers whose returns are amended. But someone else empowered to do so (like paid preparers) can help this person to do the work.

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Sign Form 1040-X

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