Signing IRS Form 1120-S: Step-by-Step Guide

The IRS 1120-S Form is a tax document used for reporting the taxes, credits, income, losses, etc. It's intended for S-type corporations. Nowadays, you can fill out this form online. With PDFLiner editor, you can also add an e-signature, and this guide will help you to quickly cope with it.

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How to Sign Form 1120-S

With PDFLiner, it takes only a few minutes to sign a form. Here are step-by-step Form 1120-S instructions. Additionally, if you wonder how to get Form 1120-S, you can follow a comprehensive guide on our website.

Step 1: Click on a signature field

You will find a signature field at the end of the first page. Click on it to open the "Signature Wizard" with several methods of e-signature.

Sign Field on page 1 of Form 1120-S

Step 2: Choose the signing method

You can choose from four ways to sign the document. The first one is to indicate your name in the field at the top of the window, and the editor will automatically create a written form.

The next method is to draw a signature. You should click on the button "Draw" in the lower-left corner. Also, you can download the photo of your signature by pressing the "Upload" button. The last way is to capture it with your web camera. Press the button "Capture" to provide this.

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Step 3: Save the document

When you make your first signature, save it in your account. PDFLiner allows you to sign diverse forms, so you can use this signature again to work with another document. After you sign the 1120-S tax Form, click "Export" to save the edited blank. In addition, you may share your document or send the PDF to sign to another party.

Saving signed form 1120-S
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Here are the answers to the most common questions about the 1120-S Form. They might provide you with additional information about this document.

Who can sign Form 1120-S?

The Form 1120-S can be filled out by the S corporations to report the income, tax, losses, gains, etc. If you need to fill out this form, you can sign it on PDFLiner.

Can I e-sign Form 1120-S?

Yes, you can make an e-signature with PDFLiner before the 1120-S due date. There are four methods to do this explained above.

Can someone else sign Form 1120-S for me?

If you fill out this form, you should sign it by yourself. But if you were filling out a document for someone else you can use the Send to Sign feature. However, remember once the document is signed by at least one person, it cannot be edited.

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