How to Translate a PDF to Any Language

Sometimes we are pushed to search the web for some unique information or proceed with untranslated documents from our overseas partners. Whatever the case is, you will easily translate a PDF to English or any other language after reading this quick guide.

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Free PDF Translation by Google Translate

Yes, Google saves the day once again and provides you with a reliable PDF-translating engine. Here’s what you have to do:

1. Open Google Translate in the new tab and click ‘Documents’ in the upper left corner;

Google Translate Documents

2. Drag and drop the file onto the page or click ‘Browse your computer’;

3. Now, click the left drop-down menu arrow to select the original document language and do the same to choose the desired language by clicking the arrow on the right;

translate a PFD online

4. If you want, say to translate a PFD to Spanish, but you don’t know the original tongue, click the ‘Detect Language’ button;

5. Click ‘Translate’ and wait a few moments for the job to be done.

How to Save This Document?

While Google Translate does real magic by translating your file into the needed language, it can’t save the new file in PDF for some reason. Here’s a quick tip to solve this problem:

1. Press Ctrl+P (Windows) or Cmd+P (Mac) in your browser (most browsers support this option);

Google Translate Save as PDF

2. Select the ‘Save as PDF’ option;
3. Click 'Print' to save the webpage with your converted document as a PDF file.

Here is our detailed guide on how to save a webpage as a PDF in different browsers.

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What Can You Do With This PDF File?

Now that you have a new file, you may need to make certain improvements. That’s where PDFLiner will help you do the job. The platform offers an extensive set of options, including:

  • PDF Converter – PDFLiner can convert any PDF file into JPEG images;
  • Online Editing – the online editor lets you add new lines to the text, whiteout, and blackout the unwanted bits, create and insert shapes or images, add fillable boxes/checkboxes/number fields, and more;
  • Encryption – sensitive data needs the best protection, and PDFLiner provides it. You can encrypt any PDF file to protect it from unwanted looks and edits;
  • E-Signature – this advanced module lets you sign your documents with different types of e-signatures. You can either draw a signature on the screen, scan it from a piece of paper with your web camera, or generate a secure e-signature online and insert it;
  • Watermarks – it’s another way to secure your PDF pages from copying. People won’t be able to make screenshots and pretend that your document belongs to them.

Thanks to Google Translate and the progress of online PDF-editing engines, you can be extremely fluent, independently of the language you need to understand. Dozens of languages are now at your fingertips, as well as rich cross-platform PDF-editing options that work without installation.

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Liza Zdrazhevska
Content Marketer at PDFLiner