How to Write on a PDF File: Easy Steps to Add Your Text

There are many document files out there, and PDF is one of the most popular. But, can you write on a PDF document? With the regular software that opens PDF files, you don’t have an opportunity to edit them. This can be quite an issue when you want to add text to your documents. Luckily, thanks to PDFLiner, you can write on a PDF file without having to convert your document to a completely different format.

How to Write on a PDF?

How can I write on a PDF file? For many people, this is still a complete mystery. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are just a few steps that you have to take to type on PDF file using PDFLiner. They include the following:

1. Register on the sitedigi to create a free PDFLiner account. To do this, you have to enter your email address and come up with a password.
Window for registration on the PDFliner website
2. Next, you should:

a) Upload a PDF file to the site directly from your device;
Window for upload a PDF file
b) Type the URL of your document;
Window for type the URL of your document
с) Search for the right file in the PDFLiner library. To find a certain file in a library, you should type its name or description in the search form
Option Search for the right file in the PDFLiner library
3. Once you have the document, you should click on the ‘Add Text’ tool located at the top.
 ‘Add Text’ tool
4. To write directly on a PDF file, you should then click on the section of a document where you want it to appear and enter your next text.
Field for enter your text
5. All you have to do now is press ‘Done.’ You can choose to share, print, or send your document and also select its format..
Done button
It is as easy to add text boxes to PDF as it is to edit files of other formats. You can do this quickly, and there is no need to find a separate converter for your PDF documents.

What else can I do with PDFLiner?

As it was mentioned, PDFLiner answers the question of how to write on a PDF document. Besides adding text fields to PDF files, you can also make different notes on the documents and fill out important forms. For instance, there are all types of tax forms that people have to fill out on a regular basis. Thanks to PDFLiner, you can write on a PDF form and thus save your time and effort. What is also great is that you can leave your digital signature on a document.


Where can I write on a PDF?
You can do this directly on the PDFLine site. All that is necessary is that you download your document or enter its URL. You don’t need to convert your file beforehand or make any changes, as you can edit right on the site.
Can I rewrite the text on a PDF?
Yes, you can both insert text box in PDF and also rewrite text that has already been there.
How can I add text boxes on a PDF online?
To do this, you should upload a document and press the ‘Add Text’ instrument that you can find at the top.
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