Is DocHub Safe to Use?

Working on important documentation in PDF editors can put your data at risk if you choose the wrong software. DocHub is a popular solution for managing portable file format documentation, but how safe is DocHub? Here we’ll clarify every question you might have about your data security when using the DocHub service.

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How to Find Out if a PDF Editor Is Safe?

PDF is considered the safest, most straightforward, and most shareable file format to work with. There is an increased demand to edit and manipulate PDFs to fulfill important projects. However, an abundance of risk goes hand in hand with it. Here is a list of important criteria to look for in a well-protected PDF editor.


A reliable online platform always offers a secure Internet connection. Ensure the website you are visiting utilizes a safe data transfer protocol. Check on the “HTTPS” prefix and the padlock icon in your browser’s search bar.

File removal with time

A trustworthy service never keeps any part of your document post-removal. It instantly deletes your file from servers when you remove it from the online storage.

User confidentiality ensured

Safe software prioritizes your data confidentiality. A platform can implement numerous solutions, such as SSL encryption, protected European servers, and user control over their files.

No one but you can use your data

For the utmost security of your data, ensure that nobody may access your files without your distinct permission. When you upload a document on a safe PDF platform, only you can view it.

Is DocHub Safe?

An online PDF editing, annotating, and document signing platform DocHub appeared on the market in 2014. Before delving into the specifics of DocHub security, let’s view its major pros and cons.

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✔️ supports any document file type;

✔️ integrates with Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Drive;

✔️ keeps documents synchronized across all your devices;

✔️ you can import files to DocHub directly from Gmail inbox or Google Drive;

✔️ no need to install the app on your phone to sign documents from any location worldwide;

✔️ you can send permissions to view, sign, or edit your documents, make files public, and share documents from your DocHub URL.


❌ Since the number of emails and signatures is limited, DocHub satisfies modest PDF-editing needs;

❌ some users report errors showing up for no reason, which are fixed after logging out.

Is DocHub legit? It allows you to collect legally binding electronic signatures according to the ESIGN Act. Is it safe to use DocHub? The developers assure it keeps all user data private with 0Auth 2.0 account authentication, 256-bit SSL encryption, and redundant storage. However, it would be challenging to determine the security rate of DocHub with 100% accuracy. This is an online platform, so there is a small risk of data leakage if it is handled incorrectly.

Secured PDF Files With PDFLiner

If you look for a decent DocHub alternative PDF editor, PDFLiner might be the right solution. This cloud-based PDF editor, reader, form filler, and form designer offers a convenient, user-friendly interface and powerful functionality.

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Easy access

To work with your files, you need only a web browser and a stable Internet connection. Any device is suitable, and you can transfer your PDF file to the browser to start working on it.

Various editing tools

This all-in-one PDF tool enables you to fill out forms, add signatures, highlight and edit images to your PDFs, etc. You can create, edit, and share files regardless of whether they are scanned, native, or in JPG format. Document annotation tools allow drawing any object and adding arrows to your file, and you can share it online using a link or email.

Convert PDF to JPG

With PDFLiner, you can change your file format in a mere moment. A PDF file with substantive graphic content always looks more professional in the form of an image.

Fill out PDF

You can save loads of time by filling out your PDF documents online. This easy-to-use service boosts the way you handle paperwork.

Tax forms

Numerous tax forms are combined in a massive catalog, and you can fill them out on the platform. There are also comprehensive guidelines to support a taxpayer.

Legal digital signatures

With multiple signing tools, you can e-sign your PDFs and send them to another party for signing. E-signatures are legitimate, like handwritten signatures.

Absolute security

Your records are safely stored on PDFLiner servers. You can also lock any PDF file online in a snap. The data is kept organized, approved, up-to-date, and accessible. PDFLiner is a 100% secure shared central repository of information that is suitable for the most challenging projects. All your documents are kept confidential with SSL encryption, security servers, and lock PDF, e-signature, and watermark features. The platform never stores user payment data since it is processed and secured by Stripe.

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Keep Data Security Your Priority

An easy-to-use, multi-functional, and safe service can help you get things done without hassle. Follow the guidelines above and choose the right website to trust your data. You can always start with a free trial option to see whether a certain software functionality is what you currently need.

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