Best Electronic Signature Software to Instrumentalize in 2023: Top 8

For a business to go digital, it is important to implement all the right tools that allow creating, signing, and storing the essential documents electronically. Electronic signature programs are one such tool. Have a look at some of the best products the e-signature software market has to offer.

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Top-8 E-Signature Software to Try in 2023

To do away with the obsolete habit of signing all your docs manually, here is a list of the top-8 best electronic signature software available today. Compare the reviewed products to find the right online signature tool for streamlining your business paperwork.

#1 PDFLiner

PDFLiner is a versatile e-signature platform that can help you out in virtually any situation. The advantage of the service is that you can apply 3 different signature methods, depending on the request type. If visual precision is more important, you can use a web camera to scan the signature from a piece of paper.

If there’s not cam, you can draw the signature with a mouse, finger (on a touchscreen device), or stylus. Else, you can simply generate a digital signature with your initials, choose the font you like, and insert it into any document. All the types are equally well-protected due to special background markers and perfect AES 256 account cloud storage protection.

Beyond that, you can benefit from the wide range of PDF document editing features. The online editor lets you create PDFs from scratch, edit existing files of any size, encrypt sensitive data, and share access with up to 5 users to collaborate on your files simultaneously. Also, you can forward a completed document to one or more individuals for their signature. It’s an excellent solution for personal and small/medium business use.

Price: there are 3 plans that start from $10/month for 1 user, $25/month for 3 users, and $35/month for 5 users.

Devices: all devices that have a web browser.

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#2 Adobe Sign

Main page of Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is one of the most widely used e signature solutions trusted for its bonafide name and easy integration with other Adobe services and third-party tools like the Salesforce CRM system, Workday, etc. The solution allows working with an impressive variety of document formats that involve regular picture files.

Lacking advanced analytics and customer support tools, Adobe Sign will be better suited for the needs of smaller businesses that are looking for nothing more than a streamlined, simplified, and secure document-signing experience.

Price: a monthly license that covers up to 9 users starts at $29.99.

Devices: iOS, Android, Cloud, SaaS.

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#3 SignRequest

SignRequest homepage

SignRequest has rich functionality that allows you to process and e-sign forms, reports, and contracts quickly and efficiently. Using this digital signatures software, you will always know what the recipient has been doing with the document – whether they opened, viewed, or signed it.

The solution boasts a user-friendly interface, provides multiple document customization options, comes with a decent set of customer support tools, and has many integration possibilities to offer.

Price: starts at $9 per user/per month.

Devices: all devices that have a web browser.

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#4 DocuSign

DocuSign homepage

DocuSign is the most sought-after electronic signature service utilized by over half a million individuals, small and large businesses globally. This robust and versatile software allows users to automate and facilitate contracting processes while remaining highly intuitive and easy to use.

DocuSign is a complex solution that delivers a full suite of tools for AI contract analytics, contract negotiation, and contract lifecycle management. The solution integrates flawlessly with tons of third-party services. A strong focus is on security features such as data storage and e-signature verification.

Price: starts at $10 per user/per month.

Devices: native Android and iOS apps, web, Cloud, and SaaS.

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#5 HelloSign

HelloSign homepage

HelloSign(Dropbox Sing) is a superb piece of software suited for individuals and businesses that want a well-rounded e-signature solution but do not wish to overpay for unnecessary frills. It includes re-usable templates, flexible signing & signature collecting possibilities, and easy integration with software like Slack, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Gmail.

HelloSign offers top-notch security and exceptional customer support. The solution allows you to use its API to integrate the e-sign functionality into your application. Thanks to its focus on customization, you can brand the signing options and adjust them to meet your unique business needs.

Price: starts at $15 per user/per month.

Devices: native Android and iOS, web, Cloud, SaaS.

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#6 SignEasy

HelloSign homepage

SignEasy is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to apply a valid digital signature to a document. The solution packs an impressive punch of features, including a vast collection of templates, multiple integrations with third-party services, tons of branding possibilities, self-signing, in-person, and remote signing options.
The minimalist design of its user interface makes SignEasy a handy and accessible tool, which is more than capable of accommodating the infrequent document-signing needs of small-to-medium businesses.

Price: starts at $12 per user/per month.

Devices: native Android and iOS apps, web, Cloud, SaaS.

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#7 eSign Genie

eSign Genie homepage

eSign Genie(Foxit eSign) is a cloud-based, online solution that provides a decent selection of features on top of the traditional e-signature capabilities. To facilitate your docflow even further, you can make use of its document builder, a vast collection of customizable templates, integrations with MailChimp, Google Drive, Salesforce, and Dropbox, analytics, and mass e-signature options.

One of the best things about eSign Genie is that it makes collaboration on documents super-easy and secure. Regardless of your physical location, you and your colleagues can start working on the same file simultaneously and in real-time.

Price: starts at $8 per user/per month.

Devices: web, Cloud, SaaS.

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#8 SignBox

eSign Genie homepage

SignBox is a feature-packed digital signature solution designed to meet the unique needs of individuals, startups, and small-to-medium enterprises. Apart from secure and handy document e-signing functionality, SignBox offers its users access to document analytics, customizable template collection, authentication, audit trail, and task progress tracking tools.

Price: starts at $5.90 per user.

Devices: iOS devices.

Buyer’s Guide

Today’s e-signature software industry is a highly competitive market with hundreds and even thousands of players. The majority of document e-signing solutions include a similar set of features, technologies, and protocols. The main difference here lies in their application niche.

Types of e-signature software products

Based on the purposes for which e-signature software was made, the following types can be separated:

  • personal – designed for individuals with infrequent document e-signing needs and typically comes with a limited feature set;
  • small business – affordable and decently packed solutions designed to suit the needs of specific types of small businesses, such as B2B companies;
  • enterprise – these are feature-rich solutions provided by big-shot electronic signature companies and aimed at helping other big enterprises to streamline their internal and external docflow routine;
  • sales – tools made specifically for the needs of sales industry workers and designed to facilitate deal signing procedures;
  • all-in-one – these products are characterized by the availability of a wide range of features that aim to meet the document-signing needs of all types of users.

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What features to look for when choosing e-signature software?

When shopping for e-signature software, there are a few crucial things you will need to pay attention to, including:

  • platform compatibility – make sure the product allows users of any operations systems to sign documents without any issues;
  • a feature set specific to your business needs – analyze the needs of your business to avoid spending money on inessential frills;
  • ease of integrations – study the third-party services you are using to make sure you buy a solution that effortlessly integrates into the existing workflow;
  • legal support – opt for software that includes all the features necessary to make your digital signature 100% legitimate;
  • compliance – see if the chosen software solution meets the necessary compliance requirements.


See our list of the most frequent questions from users of e-signature software solutions:

Which software is used for digital signature?

The best-known e-signature software brands are PDFLiner, Adobe, DocuSign, HelloSign, and SignEasy.

What can I use an electronic signature for?

Digital signature software is used to authenticate the contents of a wide range of e-documents, such as sales and vendor contracts, purchase orders, new hire papers, NDA letters of intent, etc.

How do I create an electronic signature in Word?

Step 1. Open your Word file and click on where you want to add your e-signature.
Step 2. Find the Insert tab on the Ribbon and select Signature Line in the Text group.
Step 3. Enter your info into the Signature Setup pop-up box and press OK.

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