Electronic Signature for Real Estate: Advantages You Receive

Devoted real estate agents work days and nights to attract and receive more customers. Professional agents know how to save precious time by using an electronic signature for real estate. The software is simple and usually free, so it is only natural that this online signature tool is on demand. To choose the tool you need the most, learn their types and specifics.

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The Different Types of Electronic Signatures

Not all software is the same. Looking for electronic signature real estate contracts, you have to find out the major differences between them. Check out the main types of software for electronic authorization.

  • Simple eSignatures. They are also called basic ones. These signatures are good for reading confirmation during the meeting, for example. You may use it for simple and easy confirmation of your identity. They are not advised during the online money transfer or sending tax documents. Perfect for accepting delivery packages.
  • Advanced. This option can be used as a real estate electronic signature since it meets the legal requirements. It is linked to the signer, it identifies the signer, and it is secure. It is not as reliable as a Qualified one but is more secure than basic. It is widely used as a biometric signature for Wacom tablets.

Qualified advanced electronic signature authorization. If you need the ‘wet’ paper-version type of realtor signature, this one's for you. It is personal, traceable, and secure. To access it, you have to use your personal key.

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3 Electronic Signature Solutions for Real Estate

One of the main important factors of eSign for realtors is legally binding quality. Without it, you can’t provide the legal documents. Almost all modern software with electronic signatures offers them. The main options you have to consider.


PDFLiner's home page

When it comes to signing documents electronically, PDFLiner saves the day with its advanced e-signature module. The platform provides you with 3 different signing methods. You can sign the form using your computer mouse or any other input type, including a touchscreen or stylus.

The second way is to scan your signature from a piece of paper with a web camera and the third is to generate a digital signature online. Regardless of the method you choose, your e-signature is protected by the AES 256 encryption protocol, which is totally unbreakable.

You can start using the service only to complete one document or choose one of the plans that matches your needs better. The good news is that the only difference between the plans is in the number of users permitted to use the account simultaneously. It means that even the cheapest plan provides the fullest feature set, including the editor, e-signatures, watermarks, encryption, templates, the converter, and more.

Main Advantages:

  • Up to 15 people can edit documents simultaneously, using one account;
  • An extensive database of the latest federal forms and templates is integrated into the platform;
  • You can sign your documents securely in three different methods;
  • You can send a completed document to one or more people for signature.
  • CRM integration is supported;
  • One of the easiest solutions to pick up;
  • Online cloud storage for your documents.

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DocuSign's home page

The level of security and authentication of the signer is what makes an electronic signature legal. And DocuSign offers everything you need for legally-binding documents. It is not free of charge, but you can try it without paying anything for 30 days before choosing a subscription plan.

This program is cloud-based, designed specifically for real estate companies. All the users that have access to the software can put their signs ranging from the permission slips to the NDAs in electronic format. In the cheapest Basic version, you receive all templates you need and the workflow options.

Main advantages:

  • There is a specific Realtor Benefits program for all realtors;
  • It is easy to use;
  • The program is multi-platform;
  • It is available everywhere;
  • Reusable templates;
  • Dropbox and Google Drive integrations;
  • Personalized branding;
  • In-person signatures;
  • Advanced features of authentication.


DottedSign's home page

DottedSign provides you with 14 days of free trial for Business and Pro plans. The Basic plan is already free of charge. But even after the trial period is over, it is still one of the most affordable software you can find. It is perfect for small real estate companies.

The free plan still allows you to send 3 tasks for a month, use the mobile app, digital audit trails. It also provides access to the DottedSign base of knowledge where you can learn how to navigate it. An Expanded set of features grants you with a template, 1 attachment for a signer, signing in person, secure password. There is even a lock for the app so you can feel more secure.

Main advantages:

  • Templates for users;
  • In the Pro plan, which costs only $9.49 per month, you receive unlimited attachments and can access the admin console;
  • It is intuitive and simple to use;
  • The mobile app is well-developed.

The Prime eSignature Plan for Real Estate

It is a well-known fact that the satisfaction of your work can become the main reason for the boost of productivity. As long as realtors find their job satisfying, creative, interesting to perform, the more clients they receive. And the proper electronic signature software helps you to reach this goal.

You can forget about time-wasting while waiting for the contract to be signed or to receive it back. You can perform your job better and quicker with proper tools. All these programs on the list are handy and can be tested by you. Try them one by one until you find the software you need.

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Liza Zdrazhevska
Content Marketer at PDFLiner