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How to Add One or More Pages to a PDF File

There are features you don’t use daily – for example, adding a page to a PDF document. If you need it to do it in the office, it’s possible that you just cannot install PDF editing software because you don’t have an administrator account. Or you just don’t want to install anything. Luckily, you can insert pages into PDF files on PDFLiner, using an online tool.

How to Add Pages to PDF

Here is a complete instruction on how to add pages to a PDF file online using PDF Liner services.

  1. Open PDFLiner (If you are reading this, you must have already opened it) and log in or register if necessary.
Window for authorization or registration on the PDFliner website
2. Upload the PDF you want to edit or select it from your documents stored on our cloud. To upload it, click the red button “Upload the Document” that appears in the middle of the page right after you log in. You can also drag the document onto the dedicated area.

You can also search for the document online. But keep in mind that if it’s on your personal or corporate cloud account, there may be issues with access even if you enter the direct link to it. So you’d better download the document and upload it to PDFLiner to be sure;
red button “Upload the Document”
3. When the document is rendered and displayed, select the “Rearrange Pages” tool on the left sidebar. You can insert blank pages in PDF files until you have enough;

4. Choose the “Add Page” option to actually append the page with the tool. Then you can drag it across the document to find the most appropriate position for it;

5. Click the “Apply” button
Editing a document
6. Edit the page with the built-in editor, using the toolbar above. There is the more detailed instruction on creating documents from scratch;

7. When you finish, click “Done”.
saving a document
Now you can download the edited file or save it in My Documents on the cloud. This file will be accessible to you from any device you use. You can share your saved documents or save multiple versions in case you need them as well.

This instruction may seem sophisticated before you start, but after you try, you will remember how to add a blank page to a PDF document online. The next time you need to do it, you’ll experience no trouble. It’s simpler than it seems!

How to Add Pages to PDF

Not only can you add pages to PDF online but also edit your document contents, fill forms, type or draw a new text, add pictures, design new pages, sign your documents with variously designed signatures, generate exquisite or simple signatures, and more. The features of PDFLiner include also splitting and merging documents.

One of the greatest features of PDFLiner is an enormous base of various standard fillables, from contracts to tax return forms and schedules. It’s a great pro that you can open any of these forms online, fill it right in your browser, and file it afterward.


Here are the most popular questions you asked us about PDFLiner features.
Can I write on the blank page that I added?
Yes, you can edit it in any way possible. Add pictures, backgrounds, choose fonts, type in your text – or, well, just write it with your mouse or your stylus if your device has a touchscreen. All your changes can be saved or undone if necessary.
How many pages can I add to PDF? Can I add pages to a PDF file endlessly?
In theory, as many, as you want. In reality, we have never run into any issues (though, neither have we tried to do it infinitely and then analyze the results). So, the only limitation we can think about is that of cloud storage for your account. It’s hard to imagine, though, running out of space if you just add pages to PDF online and do nothing else.
What do I do after I insert blank pages in PDF in the wrong place?
You can move them using our “Rearrange Pages” tool. Or just remove them if you don’t need them at all.
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