How to Change Font in PDF Documents in a Nutshell

Many users dread PDF files because the editing options that exist with this format seem to be annoyingly limited. There’s no need to avoid PDFs, though. With PDFLiner, how to change the font size in PDF forms is a question that’s easily answered.

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How to Change Font in PDF: Step by Step

With PDF documents, you can use the PDFLiner editor to adjust a number of font parameters in text fields. You should be aware that there is no way to adjust the font of the form itself. However, you can manipulate whatever you enter in the text fields as well as any comments that you create. Let’s start with a simple example of how to change font size in a PDF form using PDFLiner.

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Changing Font Size

Use the text toolbar right above the PDF page to select a font size when in a text field. Or if you are using an "Add Text" instrument a dedicated mini toolbar appears above an active text box, with "T" buttons, "T↑" and "T↓". The former makes the font in the field bigger, and the latter reduces it incrementally.

Changing Font Size on PDFliner

Note: if you have been wondering how to change font size in PDF fillable form, remember that you couldn’t change "Please Print or Type", because it’s not a text field.

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How to Change Font Color in a PDF

Use the T + color line icon next to the alignment tool in the text toolbar to change text color to a preset or custom color.

Changing Font Color on PDFliner
Changing Custom Font Color on PDFliner

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How to Change Font Size in a PDF Comment Box

In case if you added a comment box to your PDF use the text toolbar right above the PDF page to select a font size when in a text field.

Changing Font Size in a Comment Box on PDFliner

Please note that in either case, the changes will be applied to the whole comment box rather than a certain portion of the text in it, even if you select just a part.


Here are brief answers to some questions we’ve often received about changing the font in PDF documents that you’ll hopefully find useful.

How to change font size in a PDF form on Mac?

PDFLiner being an online PDF processing platform, the procedure doesn’t differ much depending on which OS you are using. Follow the general instructions for font size adjustment above.

How to change font size in a PDF text box?

Text boxes work very much like text fields. When you select a text box in your PDF, you can select the font size you need using the text toolbar.

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