How to Get Form 8962: Just a Few Steps

So what is Form 8962 used for? The Federal Tax Form 8962 (or a Premium Tax Credit form) is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to let taxpayers, including you, calculate and claim a premium tax credit in case you paid any premiums for your health insurance purchased on the HIM (Health Insurance Marketplace). This is a good option to reduce your tax liability for the entire tax year. The form also lets you figure out whether you are eligible for APTC (Advanced Premium Tax Credit) compensation or owe the IRS. Now, let’s get to the point and see where to get Form 8962 latest version!

Get Form 8962

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How to Get Form 8962

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You can get an IRS form 8962 copy online in two ways:

  1. PDFLiner – this service is eligible to provide the latest versions of the IRS tax forms and other federal document templates. Here you can not only view and download the form, but also fill it out online and print, save, or share an accomplished copy. Moreover, it will always stay on your cloud as an archive record.
  2. Official IRS website – this resource has a large benefit in case you are in search of the most detailed overview of the form. The IRS is the issuer, so here you can find the fullest description with numerous pages explaining every line and existing filing case. Still, it’s a bit difficult to get through this all, so we recommend starting out with a simplified instruction. Make sure to click the link and check out our detailed and straightforward Form 8962 instructions on how to fill out Form 8962.

Form 8962


What is an 8962 form?

Tax Form 8962 is a federal tax form by the IRS that is designed to let you calculate your premium tax credit and see if you’re eligible to claim for it. File it only if you paid health insurance premiums and receive the advanced payments of premium tax credits afterward.

Where to send form 8962?

Include your 8962 form along with your annual 1040 form and submit it to your local IRS office by mail or electronically. You can use the IRS e-file system on the official website or any authorized platform.

Can you get Form 8962 online?

Of course, you can get a copy of Form 8962 online! Go back to the paragraph “How to get Form 8962?” and pick up the method you like the most.

Do I need to file Form 8962?

You are eligible for this form only if you paid premiums for your health insurance purchased on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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