How to Read a PDF on Your Devices

Adobe created PDF as a usable format for all your devices, including various smartphones and tablets. So the question of how to make a pdf readable should be pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, it’s not. Here you’ll find the information on how to read .pdf files and the answers to the most popular questions on the topic.

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How to View a PDF and What Soft to Use

How to read pdf on iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC? There are several ways to open a PDF. You can simply use your browser if you need to view the document quickly. There are also quite a few applications that will help you with this.

First of all, this is Adobe Acrobat. In this application, you can work with PDF files, create and edit them as a rule. So this is the first thought that comes to mind. However, this application is partially paid, if we talk about mobile devices. Other apps from third-party developers or Google PDF Viewer also may help you.

However, if you want to know how to read PDF on iPhone, tablet or computer and how to edit PDF, the PDFLiner service will help you. With it, you can do whatever you want with files of this type. Besides, you will always have access to an online resource that safely stores all your documents.

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In this section, you’ll find the answers to the most popular questions on PDF files.

How to make a PDF readable?

There are several ways to make a PDF file readable. You can use browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and others to do this. Furthermore, there are a lot of different services and apps to read PDF. You can also use the online platform PDFLiner.

How to view PDF on iPhone?

You can view the PDF in iBooks or any other PDF reader on your device. If you opened the file in Safari, click on the button and open the document through iBooks.

How to view a PDF on an iPad?

To view the PDF file on the iPad, you need to tap on it and open it in the browser or on the website where it is stored. You can also use an online service like PDFLiner or open it on the device through an installed program or Apple Books.

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