Editing 101: How to Remove Highlight in PDF

The question of how to remove highlights in PDF is not as rare as you may think. Many editors who work with PDF face a similar problem. But when you want to learn how to unhighlight in PDF you have to search for hours. With the help of the PDFLiner online program, you will deal with the problem in a few seconds. Read the simple guide on how to remove highlights from PDF.

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How to Remove Highlight in PDF

It is only natural that the problem occurs when you want to remove all highlights from PDF. This is when the PDFLiner editor will be helpful. It offers a great number of services with a crystal clear interface. Follow the next moves after you open PDFLiner:

Step 1: First of all, upload your highlighted PDF to PDFLiner. You can do this on our main page.

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Step 2: Chose the Whiteout tool on the upper toolbar.

Choosing Whiteout instrument

Step 3: Apply the whiteout on your highlighted text to erase it.

Whiteout instrument

Step 4: Use the Add Text tool to replace the erased text on top of the whiteout.

Add Text

Step 5: Edit your text on the upper settings bar in order for it to look exactly the same as before.

Congrats! You just removed the highlight from your PDF. Now you can simply click the "Done" button to save your document.

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How to Remove Highlight Added with PDFLiner

If you added your highlight using PDFLiner the process of deleting it will be way faster. Follow the steps below and remove it in a blink of an eye:

  1. Log in to your account and click the Go to MyDocs button.
  2. Choose the document with the highlight and open it.
  3. There is no specific button you can pick to remove highlights from PDF. Pick the highlighted text and press the "Trash" icon to unhighlight text in PDF.

Voila, your text is highlights-free.

How to Add a Highlight

Now that you know how to remove the highlight in PDF, we thought you might also want to learn how to highlight a PDF in the first place. The procedure is simple. You have to tap the "Highlight" icon on the panel of tools in PDFLiner. Now pick the place in the text you want to highlight.

Make sure you are satisfied with the result. But once you change your mind, even if you have saved your work, you can still remove highlighting from PDF in no time.

What Else Can I Do With PDFLiner

There are numerous options you can perform using PDFLiner, apart from undo highlighting in PDF. The editor has all advanced tools at your services. You may check the next tools:

  • Ability to create notes right in the document;
  • Ability to insert pictures, figures, tables, and pieces of text in the document;
  • Users can change the order of the pages, turn them around, and remove or add them;
  • Users can add electronic signatures to the documents they need to sign. The forms of the documents the users may need can be found in the library of PDFLiner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions about PDFLiner and editing PDF files. Check out the most popular information.

Can I remove all highlights in the document with one click?

If you are currently on the text you want to unhighlight, yes, you can just pick the "Trash" icon. However, if you are not editing, you have to press the "Highlight" button first and then choose the text you want to remove highlighting from. It takes three moves for the procedure.

Can I undo the changes in case the highlight was deleted by mistake?

Yes, you can undo the changes any time you want. Repeat the highlighting procedure if you have already saved the changes in the document. If you have not pressed the "Done" button yet, your actions will not be saved in the first place.

Can I remove highlighting from a scanned PDF?

You can try to blackout or whiteout the place around the text that was highlighted. You will find instruments behind the "Highlight" button. Try them depending on the font color.

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