How to Sign a W-4 Form: Comprehensive Guide

The W-4 form refers to the Employee's Withholding Certificate. You should fill it out and give it to your employer to enable them to take the right federal income tax from your pay. Then your withholdings are reviewed by the IRS. This form is available online, and there are ways on how to sign a W-4 document on the desktop. You can also electronically sign a W-4, and here you will find out how to do it quickly.

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Signature on Form W-4

Who Should Sign Form W-4

Form W4 should be signed by the person that fills it out to confirm that all the information shown in the form is correct. All employees should complete and sign a new Form W-4 every year and every time when their personal or financial conditions change. This way, your employer can withhold the correct amount of taxes and notify the IRS about all the changes. The form can be filled out and signed electronically with the W 4 PDF. Once you're done with it, simply email it to your employer and keep your copy.

Signing W-4 Form Step-by-Step

In PDFLiner, you can open any document, edit it, and sign it online. This service provides an extensive library with various forms you might need on the website. If you don’t know how to get form W-4, there is a detailed guide on PDFLiner as well. When the form is finished, you can sign it following these steps below.

Step 1: Open a signature field

Form W-4 already contains all the needed fillable fields. There is a signature field at the end of the form (it’s step 5). Click on it, and the window appears.

Signing W-4

Step 2: Add a signature or choose the existing one

In this window, you can see the previously added signatures if you used our service before. You can choose one of them, and the form will be automatically signed. If you’re a new user, press the button “Add New Signature.” If you already used PDFLiner to sign some other documents, use the saved signature.

Choosing signature type

Step 3: Make a new signature

There are four ways you can make a signature. You can write your name at the top of the window that will appear, and the editor will create a handwriting copy. If you want, you can also draw a signature (choose “Draw”). There is also a possibility to upload a photo of your handwritten signature from a computer (choose the “Upload” option). The signature will be saved in your account if you log in or register.

Making a new signature

Now that you know how to sign a W-4 form online, you may be wondering what to do next - after all, this document is quite important for your future financial wellbeing. If you’re employed, then it’s your responsibility to complete a W-4 form and send it to your employer in a convenient way. With PDFLiner this can be done online on a mobile or on a computer in just a few minutes.

Once you signed your W4, click the "Share" button and pick the email option, to send the PDF by email to your employer. There is also an "Export" option that helps you save it to your device or print it. In case you'd like someone to check everything, you can open access to edit to someone else or create a public link by picking the "Share" option.

If you have any questions on the W-4 signing process, feel free to ask our support specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some additional information about the W-4 form you might need to make it look impeccable. If you want to discover more, open one in the PDFLiner editor and try to fill it out with our comprehensive instructions.

Who can sign form W-4?

This is the form for employees for withholding the federal income tax. You should either give or send it to your employer. But first of all, you should sign it at the bottom.

Can I e-sign a W-4?

You can sign a W-4 online on PDFLiner. The guide above is aimed to help you complete it effortlessly.

Can someone else sign a W-4 for me?

If you fill out the W-4 form, you should sign it by yourself. No third party can do it for you.

How to sign W4 online?

If you need to sign W4 online, use an online PDF editing tool such as PDFLiner. There are 4 ways to add a verified electronic signature. The guide in this article basically describes the full process, so you should just follow the steps.

What are the requirements for a W-4 exempt status?

There is no specific dollar amount that determines exempt status, but generally, if you had more than one job or can be claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return, you would not qualify.

How often can a form W-4 be changed?

A form W-4 can be changed at any time your personal or financial information has changed.

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