AbleWord vs. Sejda: Comparing Two PDF Editors

This article is a brief comparison of AbleWord vs Sejda as PDF editing tools. We’ll explore the benefits of both products, which limitations they might have, as well as whether and when you should look for an AbleWord or Sejda PDF editor alternative.

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Software Overview

AbleWord is a word processing package rather than a dedicated PDF tool, which means its primary goal is to easily deal with .doc and .docx files such as those generated by Microsoft Word. It does enable any edits to PDFs as well as converting them to Word files, though. The product is free to download.


Unlike AbleWord, you can access the Sejda PDF editor online. The web version is offered for free with some limitations to the functionality, while the desktop edition is a paid option. The product focuses on filling, signing, and otherwise editing existing PDF forms as well as creating new ones.



If you compare AbleWord vs Sejda, it becomes very clear that these seemingly similar tools have different focuses and primary purposes. Since your choice is likely to depend on your preferred setting, we offer you three criteria to guide you as you navigate the PDF editor market.

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Preparation of documents

Functionality, i.e. what you can do to your document, is probably the most vital aspect. The interaction is limited to Word-like functions when it comes to AbleWord. That is, the product enables users to process PDF files like they would process a .doc or .docx. This includes adding and deleting text, images, and tables, and spell-checking.

Apart from basic editing like text manipulation, Sejda offers numbering and signature functionalities. The latter is represented by three options, namely italicizing the name that you type in, attaching an image, or drawing a signature using your mouse. The official website warns you that it is a beta, though, which might be bad news to someone who takes signing documents seriously. It also supports password protection as well as watermarks.

Winner: Sejda

Setup and integration

AbleWord is available to Windows users starting from Windows 7, including the XP and Vista editions. Unfortunately, there’s no setup-free version for those who want to solve just one problem.

Sejda’s web version is easy to use in any popular browser. The premium Desktop version is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it a more universal solution.

Winner: Sejda

Support and usability

Last updated back in 2015, AbleWord is unlikely to improve its functionality anytime soon. It does offer straightforward instructions, though. The interface is moderately cluttered.

By contrast, Sejda is a contemporary platform with intuitive navigation and frequent updates. The website offers a contact form for user support, which is a major benefit if you have serious plans involving it.

Winner: Sejda

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