Guide on How to Add Hyperlink to PDF

Many users who actively work with documents wonder how to create hyperlinks in PDF without extra actions. If you need to provide proof of the information you share or transfer others to the specific article you’ve read, you can simply add a hyperlink to PDF. Learn how to do it with the advanced online editor PDFLiner.


Way to Add a Hyperlink to PDF

If you want to learn how to add links to PDF, you have to start by searching for the most suitable editor. We believe it is PDFLiner since it contains all the tools and features you may need while working with PDF files. It is user-friendly, and it simplifies the whole procedure of adding links to PDFs. Here is how you can do it:

  • You can start by downloading the file you are working on into the PDFLiner. You will see this option on the main page of the editor. Press the bright red button “Upload Document”, pick it from your computer or type the URL of the document. You may search it in the library of PDFLiner if you have previously downloaded it;
Uploading PDFLiner
  • There is no specific button for the hyperlink in PDF. But don’t worry, you will find the tool in a few taps. Click the “Add Text” icon. It is signed and situated on the left side of the upper panel;
Text feature
  • Click where you wish to locate the link and enter a text or just simply paste the link. Once you pick the place of PDF hyperlink text, press the “hyperlink” icon, which is the last in a row in the upper toolbar;
Adding Hyperlink
  • Enter the URL in the appeared window and press the “Save” red button. If you are not sure about the URL, you can press the “Test” option before you save the link;
  • Once you are done with editing, press the “Done” button in the right upper corner.
The Done button

How to Remove Hyperlinks From PDF

Once you’ve learned to create hyperlink in PDF, you need to understand how to delete the link. It is even easier than adding it. All you need is to tap the square with the link in the text. You will see the “Trash” icon. Press it, and your link will be removed. You may start from the beginning and add link to PDF anywhere you want.

What Else Can I Do With Pdfliner

PDFLiner is an editor that helps not only with inserting hyperlinks in PDF but with any type of work you want to perform. It supports JPG and PNG files as well. This software does not take much space and does not even need the fastest Internet. Still, you have to be online to send the files or share the links. The most popular features:

  • You can edit the text in the document;
  • You may add pictures and tables inside;
  • You can change the order of pages;
  • You may highlight, whiteout, or blackout pieces of text;
  • And one of the most appreciated features apart from the possibility to add link to PDF online is the ability to create an electronic signature right inside the document or one of the tax forms you can pick from the giant library of the editor;
  • Easily share a document.

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