Electronic Signature Integration: Top Trends in 2023

It was almost impossible to predict digital signature trends several years ago. Before Covid-19 was on the rise, the world had been hardly aware that business could be managed from home. Then the ability to perform the work on the go turned out to be the only solution to beat all the competitors on the market. Those who can easily sign and send documents to their clients are on top nowadays. It is time to learn more about document intelligence.

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Digital Signature Trends in 2023

2023 is full of opportunities for any type of business. It is time to go digital with the help of electronic signature integration in your work so that you can earn more clients while being accessible to anyone. Digital tools will help you to reach your goals, no matter how ambitious you are. You show the audience that you have a reliable business they can trust by simply being available to them whenever they need you. Here are the most popular trends in the digital signature market you might want to keep up with:

Advanced collaboration and integration with different tools

If you do some research on the e-signature market, you might notice that many software providers prefer to open the door to the integration between instruments. The smartest of them work on arranging connections between the document management system, customer relationship management, and workflow management.

You might need the whole package of tools that are connected to each other rather than several programs that are not integrated at all. Think about being able not only to sign your document in the end, but edit it, send it to your colleagues for their edition, and later quickly deliver the document to the client, using email;

Increased safety

This is something the best e-signature service providers are working on. You have to trust software knowing that nobody will copy your signature and steal or forge your papers. A market is a tough place where you constantly need to prove that you are the best.

In 2023, another level of e-signature protection with advanced encryption is expected to come onto the scene. You can already use timestamp extra security measure on PDFLiner that proves the authenticity of the documents you send;

Wider use

The more business owners find out about this digital trend, the more popular it becomes. No wonder the numbers are constantly growing. It is not necessarily bad for you, since apart from more competitors, you also receive more trust from clients over e-signatures. They are widely recognized by governments in numerous countries around the globe, getting more legal support;

Improved experience

Though e-signatures were considered hard to use for an average person a few years ago, now you can create your signature in 3–5 clicks, based on your preferences. The e-signature software is becoming more available and more user-friendly these days. You don’t have to work in IT to create a digital stamp and use it whenever you want.

Software providers have already taken care of everything, from the security to the design of a signature. All you need to do is to pick the style you want or enjoy your artistic skills by creating everything from scratch;

Simplified working process

Connection within your team will skyrocket in 2023, without the need to contact anyone in person. The best thing about digital tools is that you can allow people from your team to access the document while you are editing it. In 2023 business owners expect to see the ability to chat in the document, quickly fix mistakes, and allow recipients to do the same.

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Where Electronic Signature Is Used

When you think about an e-signature, business papers might first come to your mind. However, it is not the only area where we can use the best electronic signature software. There are numerous occasions when even an unemployed person or a student might need a digital stamp. You will need an e-signature to:

  • Sign documents with your partners as a business owner or project developer;
  • Sign tax forms before you send them to the IRS or other officials that recognize an e-signature;
  • Sign a receipt related to the provided services or sold products before you send it to your client;
  • Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you can use an e-signature to sign an agreement before you rent or buy a house.
How to Use E-Signature

How to Choose the Right E-Signature Software

Not all the tools offered on the market are equally efficient and safe. You will quickly understand the advantages and drawbacks of digital signature software once you start using it. However, there are several basic demands for such a tool, no matter which e-signature companies you prefer:

Friendliness to users

Usually, you don’t have much time to figure out how the signature feature works whenever you need it. The simpler it is in use, the more beneficial it is for you. If you need to sign multiple documents, it is more convenient to extract the already-made signature;

Different devices

You need to be able to sign a document on any device. If you use several gadgets, make sure that your signature is accessible on all of them. You might not know what devices your colleagues use, so the service has to be versatile;


You might not predict which type of signature will be required in your work or daily life. As an artist, you might want to create your signature from the very beginning, not only pick one of the styles offered by the program. Make sure the software you choose offers this option;

Ability to modify signatures

Make sure that the program allows you to change the color and the size of your signature. It has to provide an option to create several signatures for different occasions and add them to documents whenever you want. You should be capable of editing or improving your signature whenever you need it;


Ensure that your signature is encrypted and can’t be stolen by fraudsters. Not all programs offer the same high-level protection to their users. Some third-party apps can easily steal your private data. You have to trust the software before you apply the generated signature to your papers. If you are worried about security, you can opt for advanced options, including extra encryption.

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Electronic Signature Integration

Since your colleagues might not be equally good at digital technologies, the whole team might struggle with e-signature integration. That is why it is essential to spend more time picking the appropriate tools. Yet, you still need to prepare for the fact that some users need a longer time to get into the process.

Don’t worry, they will keep up with the rest if you use the right approach. Follow the next steps to integrate e-signatures into your work:

Step 1: Ask professionals to organize lectures and tell about all the possibilities and opportunities digitalization brings to the working process. Apart from that, you can easily find online lectures that are free of charge. If you have already picked the software for the company, organize a presentation where you share tips on how to use it;

Step 2: Focus on paperless business. Try to avoid using printers and paper documents as much as possible. After several days, your team members will understand that keeping documentation on computers is more productive and simple than storing it in the physical archive;

Step 3: Encourage your team to contact each other online. Create chats inside documents to edit them together and discuss your next strategy. Simple programs such as PDFLiner come with a user-friendly design, so no one will get lost.

Step 4: Introduce a digital library that the company can use for its benefit. It is easy to work on the templates there, for example, in the library of PDFLiner.

You will find numerous forms you need for your business. You can add new templates created by your team. Make the library reachable within the company and keep it in order so that everyone can easily find the document they need. Also, you can use the send to signature feature. It saves a lot of time for all participants. Your employees will quickly understand the benefits of having all the templates available per click;

Step 5: Make sure that the company’s logo and official signature is easily accessible to those people who use them on behalf of the company. Don’t share access with random people. You have to teach employees responsible for this task how to insert the logo and signature in a few clicks;

Step 6: Explain the basics of digital security. Not everyone trusts e-signatures, mainly because they believe that such signs can be easily copied or photoshopped.

Yet, modern technologies have greatly evolved since the time a third party could copy your signature as a picture and insert it in the official document without anyone noticing it. Each e-signature nowadays is encrypted. It has become easier to copy a physical signature than an electronic one.

Integrate electronic signatures in your business to improve your work. Repeat the steps described above to make the transition to paperless documents as smooth as possible. You will quickly notice positive results and boost your team’s productivity.

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