Form I-983: Instructions & Purpose

Planning to hire STEM OPT students for full-time employment? Then this post might come in handy. Today, we’ll cover the topic of the ICE form I-983, its purpose, instructions, completion procedure, and discuss where you can get it. So, if you’re still asking yourself the ‘what is I-983 form’ question, you’re welcome to keep reading.

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What Is I-983 Form?

Do you monitor training demands for students who are applying for the STEM OPT based on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) guidelines? Yes, ICE claims that employers and STEM OPT students are obliged to fill out Form I-983.

This form is aimed at outlining the student’s learning goals and confirms the employer’s dedication to assisting the student in achieving those goals. Students and their employees must fill out an I-983 electronic signature and submit the form to the student’s designated school officials (DSO). ICE is free to check the employers in terms of their STEM OPT compliance anytime.

How to Get Form I-983: Instructions

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How to Fill Out an I-983 Form

Completing your I-983 accurately is paramount. The form includes a multitude of sections, so in case you find the process challenging, you’re always welcome to hire professional help. Each section that comprises the form comes with a certain set of instructions. Read on to learn more about the completion process.

First and foremost, there’s student information (Form I-983, section 1). In this section, the following details should be provided:

  • the student’s full name and email address;
  • the name of the school that recommends STEM OPT;
  • the name of the school where STEM degree was received;
  • DSO details and student SEVIS ID number;
  • the time frame for which the STEM OPT is applied;
  • student’s major name, degree level, and date awarded.
First section student information

With regard to the form’s section 2 and section 4, they are provided for information and certification purposes. Just read them carefully and e-sign them when you’re through.

The 3d section of your I-983 form should include the details about the employer, such as their full name, address, ID number, the number of workers, as well as the company's NAICS code. Furthermore, it should specify training hours per week, the date on which the student starts the STEM OPT training with the company, and their total salary, along with other kinds of compensation.

form’s section 3 and section 4

The next section of the ICE form I-983 outlines the student’s goals, the training plan for achieving them, as well as the details on the employer’s supervision. In this section, you should indicate the student’s name, the full name of the employer’s company, the location where the student will be involved in training, as well as the basic info about the person who will keep tabs on the student’s efficiency.

5 section of the ICE form I-983

In the next section, the employer who’s accountable for supervising the student’s training goals certifies that they understand their responsibilities and conduct regular evaluations of the student. The student should also submit a self-evaluation examined and signed by their employer. Once the student is through with that, they should date and e-sign the form. The same goes for the employer.

date and e-sign the form

How to Sign the I-983 Form?

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How to Share the I-983 Form?

Follow these steps to successfully share the freshly signed form:

  1. Find the form template in our catalog.
  2. Edit it to suit your needs.
  3. Once you’re through with that, click ‘Done’ in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. That was fast, wasn’t it? The form is ready to be shared (submitted).
  5. Share the file in the most convenient way.
  6. Click ‘Send,’ and you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions on the topic of this post? Take a browse through our expert answers below, perhaps, they’ll resonate with what you’re interested in.

What are the main requirements for completing I-983?

The form should clarify the STEM OPT student’s learning objectives and the employer’s dedication to aiding the student in completing this mission. One of the most vital requirements is maximum accuracy and precision when completing the form.

Where can I find the I-983 form sample?

You can find the template of this form (along with plenty of other form templates) in our online database. You’re welcome to browse through it and fill in the form online within our platform. It’s fast, easy, and extremely convenient.

How to find SEVIS school code in I-983?

You can find the SEVIS school code on your I-20 form under ‘School Information.’ Don’t forget to accurately indicate it when filling out your I-983 form.

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