How to Annotate PDF Quickly and Simply

PDF format is a convenient way to save diverse forms and documents. Some people believe that editing a PDF is complicated and requires specific applications. However, with the PDFLiner, it is quite simple. In this article, you will find a guide on how to annotate PDF and what PDF annotations exist.

Annotate PDF Online

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How to Annotate a PDF Online

If you need to annotate your PDF quickly, and easily, you should just use an online PDF editor like PDFLiner. In order to add text to any PDF document in PDFLiner complete these simple steps:

Step 1: Upload your PDF on the main page of PDFLiner

Upload a Document on PDFliner

Step 2: Use the "Text Field" tool

When the editor opens in the upper toolbar, click on the "Insert" button and chose the "Text Field" tool from the dropdown menu. Then click on the place in your document where you wish to place your note. As an example, I will use our fillable Bill of Sale form.

Text Field Tool on PDFliner

Step 3: Annotate your PDF

Once you click on the place where you would like to annotate, you will be able to start entering text. Write your note and click OK. You can also copy or delete your note.

Annotate your PDF on PDFliner

Step 4: Edit the note

When you write notes you most likely want them to stand out from the main text of your document. In this case, you should either change the color of the text or change the color of the note’s background. You can do all of it in the upper menu. You can also change the text size and font here.

Edit the note on PDFliner

Step 5: Add an arrow to your PDF

If you want your note to point out to the specific text in the document, you can add an arrow that will be pointing from your note to the needed text. Just do the following:

  • Click on the "Insert" button.
  • Chose the "Add Arrow" tool from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the place where you need the arrow.

Read more on how to add arrows and lines to a PDF.

Add an arrow on PDFliner

Annotate PDF Online

Annotating the PDF: The Basics

You can be a reader or an editor, and in both cases, annotating a PDF can be useful for you. If you have a fiction, scientific literature, or a student book, you may leave the insights right in your PDF annotated file or highlight the most important information. The next time you open it, a PDF with annotations will be there.

Another case is when somebody asks you to check their work or article and sends it in PDF. You don’t want to change anything without the author’s permission, so you only leave the corrections and comments where needed. This person will see them when opening it on their device.

So, Windows PDF annotation can be used in diverse cases. It is convenient when you don’t need to convert the document to another format to edit it. With the PDFLiner, you just need to upload the file, and you can start working with it.

PDF Annotations Functions

Among the most typical annotation functions are comments, mark-ups, corrections, and signatures. They are quite similar in purpose. But, they are still diverse instruments for annotation, and people usually apply them in quite different situations.

Comments are used if you want to leave a small suggestion for the article`s author. So, in most cases, this function is popular among the editors. If you’re a reader, you will most probably use the mark-ups. They highlight or underline the text without changing its sense.

If you want to show the writer how you would have changed a particular sentence, you should apply the corrections. They change the meaning of the text. However, if you send it to the author, they may accept it or return it to the previous version. Signatures are used only in case you need to sign something.

Our service offers the platform for editing PDF without any limits. Here you will find the functions described above and many others. So, you can upload the file right now and start to annotate PDF online. The website is available as an annotation PDF Windows online editor. By the way, here you can also find an annotated bibliography example PDF.

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If you still have questions, here you may find the information you need.

How to annotate PDF on Mac?

Our website is available on any device, so you can open it anytime. Also, you can search for apps to annotate PDF. There are many options to choose from.

What is the best annotation app for iPad?

You may use our website any time you need on most of your devices. However, if you’re searching for an app, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best PDF annotation app for iPad.

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