How to Fill Out a 1096 Form

If you own a business or any other financial institution, you might have encountered the IRS Form 1096, which serves as a document accompanying different IRS forms. To fill in Form 1096 and send it to the addressee without wasting much of your precious time, you can use the convenient editor provided by PDFLiner.

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What Is Form 1096?

Form 1096 is required to provide information about various types of paper-only informational return forms to the IRS. The information return form is used to report transactions to the IRS as well as to another party (most often the recipient of the transaction).

This system is needed to inform the IRS about the specific document type and coordinate actions for the next step. It is important not to forget that Form 1096 must be attached to each of the 7 types of information forms.

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Who Needs to File Form 1096?

This form is designed for small and corporate business owners. The owner must use this form to mail the required information return to the IRS. If you are using the electronic version of the return form, you do not need Form 1096. Moreover, if you have to submit more than 250 forms of one type at a time, you also need to use e-mail.

There are 7 types of returns, each type of which serves information about non-employee income. Here is a list of information returns filed with Form 1096:

  • Form 1097;
  • Form 1098;
  • Form 1099;
  • Form 3921;
  • Form 3922;
  • Form 5498;
  • Form W-2G.
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How to Fill Out a 1096 Form?

For many, filling out paperwork is a stressful and time-consuming process that requires a lot of concentration and time to figure out how to fill out a particular form correctly. PDFLiner provides a handy catalog of forms and instructions that make it easy for you to work with documents. So, how to complete Form 1096? Let's look at the list of steps that are required to complete this form:

  1. At the top of the form, you need to fill in some personal information. You need to include your full name, address, country, city, and zip code. You can also enter a contact phone number or email address.
  2. In the first box, you need to add your Employer Identification Number. If you do not have an EIN, you must enter your Social Security Number in box 2.
  3. Next, in box 3, you need to enter the number of forms submitted with Form 1096.
  4. In box 4, enter the total amount of federal income tax withheld. If you did not withhold this tax, enter 0.
  5. Next, in box 5, you need to specify the total amount reported with this Form 1096, depending on the type of information return you’re filing with your Form 1096.
  6. In box number 6, you must specify which form type you are submitting.
  7. In box 7, add the appropriate information if you are filing Form 1096 with Forms 1099-MISC.
  8. Now, you need to view the form to make sure that everything is filled out correctly and sign, date, and specify your title at the bottom of the form.

Before sending forms by mail, make sure you save copies for your records. You might need them in case of future financial planning or due to other reasons.

How to Sign Form 1096?

With our convenient PDFLiner service, you can not only find the forms you need with instructions for filling them out but also use electronic tools for editing PDF files. With the electronic signature feature provided by PDFLiner, you can easily and quickly sign and save any documents online.

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To sign Form 1096, click on the “Sign Field” at the end of the first page, and after that, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose one of your existing signatures or click the Add New Signature button to create a signature.
  2. Create a signature using one of the 4 possible ways and click the Sign button.
  3. Make sure that your signature is located in the right place and has an appropriate size. You can change a size of your signature on the upper settings bar.

How to File Form 1096?

The IRS Form 1096 is only filed if you submit one of the forms listed above. To file it correctly, you must complete a form for each type of your information return form. Each Form 1096 should be submitted by February 28th, along with most information returns. However, if you submit Form 1099-MISC for a payment message, along with Form 1096, it must be sent before January 31st. Form 5498 has also to be filed and sent by June 1st.

If you do not know where to send the completed tax Form 1096 with information returns, you should check the PDF Form 1096 on the official IRS website. This way, you can make sure that you send the letter according to the location of your business. You can also find the additional instructions for filing paper declarations on the official IRS website. You can find instructions in general Form 1099 to read the important criteria before sending your forms.

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When to File Form 1096?

Form 1096 accompanies other information forms and is sent only by mail in paper format. If you have provided information to the recipient, regardless of the form you use, you must send the IRS 1096 form afterward. However, various return forms require different approaches.

Who Can Sign Form 1096?

This form is required for tax records, keeping finances in order, and communication between the client and the owner of the business. The same applies to educational and financial institutions, mortgage lenders, homeowners, and others.

When Form 1096 Is Due?

For most information returns, the deadline for filing Form 1096 is February 28 of the year following the tax year, but there are separate forms with particular deadline requirements.

Where to Get Form 1096?

You can use the convenient PDFLiner editor and find the necessary form in the catalog. Also, you can order the form and information returns on the official IRS website for them to mail this document to you.

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