How to Fill Out a Non-Disclosure Agreement Easily

When you apply for a job, the employer may ask you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Nowadays, you can fill it out online easily. In this guide, you will learn how to fill out an NDA. There are several types of this document, so you should discover which one is suitable in your case.

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What Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a form that is filled out by two parties. The first one is usually the company, and the second is an employee. The purpose of signing an NDA is to determine which private information should not be disclosed. Also, the agreement defines the consequences that occur if it is broken.

The customer can also make an agreement with developers to protect the trade data. Usually, the company has confidential information about the client and related sides. The NDA can protect your personal data when you start working with a technology or marketing company.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement defines the confidential information in this contract, and how the second party can disclose it. Besides, there is a section about returning the data and breach of the agreement. The document is signed for a particular term. There are also additional points about the contract, but they are different in each type.

Who Should Fill Out a Non-Disclosure Agreement

There are no rules about who should fill out an online Non-Disclosure Agreement. When the company gives you a job, it may require you to sign an NDA. However, it depends on the type of work. So, some employers don’t need the employees to fill out this form or ask to do it only for a short term.

Freelancers may also require their clients or the companies they cooperate with to sign the NDA. It’s a protection from unexpected risks for both sides. Additionally, if you start a project with a technology company, you may ask it to sign the form.

Fill Out Non Disclosure Agreement

How to Fill Out a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Follow this simple guide to fill out the NDA easily.

Step 1: Read the document carefully

The first step to take when filling out a Non-Disclosure Agreement is to read all the sections of the document. The information which needs to remain confidential and the obligations towards it are indicated there. If you don’t acquaint yourself with all the points, you might unwillingly breach the contract. In such a case, you take full responsibility for these actions.

Step 2: Provide the information about two parties

You should indicate the name and location of the two parties. It’s usually an employer and a company. The next step is to choose the type of agreement, which is either unilateral or mutual. The first means that one party isn’t allowed to share the confidential information given by party B. The mutual NDA prohibits the distribution of the data for both sides. You should choose one type in the second section of the agreement.

Step 3: Check all the instructions

Several next parts define the instructions of the contract. As noted before, you should read them carefully. If there are any questions or something you don’t agree with, you have to reconcile it with the second party before signing. Section 10 should be filled with the name of the State where the agreement is made.

Step 4: Sign the document

There are the fields for both parties at the bottom of the document. Sign the form, leave your name under the signature, and indicate the date. The second party should do the same, and the NDA is considered valid.

There is also a HIPAA Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is obtained between the Healthcare facility and employee. It’s unilateral, so only the worker should sign this document.

HIPAA Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

Other employee NDA templates have the same feature. Also, their instructions might somewhat differ. When your employer asks you to fill out this form, you should specify which sections it needs to include.

Employee NDA templates

Fill Out Employee NDA Template

How to Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

On the PDFLiner website, you can fill out the NDA, print it, and sign it. It’s the first way you can make a signature. However, if you want to send an electronic Non-Disclosure Agreement, you don’t need to print it. You can make an e-signature using the PDFLiner editor.

When you finish filling out the form, click on the Sign Field. Then you can choose the signing method. If you write your name in the field and press the sign button, the written signature will automatically appear. You can also draw, upload, or capture it with your web camera.

Sign HIPAA Employee NDA


Here you can find some more information on how to write an NDA. You can also try the PDFLiner editor and fill out the agreement by yourself.

What is the purpose of a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed between two parties to protect confidential information from sharing. It can be signed by both one and two parties. The document also defines the obligations in case the contract is broken. Usually, an employer requires a worker to sign an NDA online. Also, when two companies or a freelancer and company start cooperation, they may fill out a mutual agreement.

Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement legally binding?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is legally binding. That means the parties shouldn’t share confidential information during the particular term. If you want to discover more about which obligations the agreement has, read the section about what is an NDA form.

What should be included in a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

This agreement should include information about the two parties and their signature. Also, it should define the confidential information that ought to be secret and the term of the contract. All the sections are included in the contract according to both parties' decisions.

Does an NDA hold up in court?

Most NDAs don’t hold up in a court. Only in particular situations, the court can take up a case. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is used for establishing the actions towards the confidential information between two parties, so their cooperation will be built better.

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Fill Out NDA Form

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