How to Fill Out a Warranty Deed

The process of acquiring a home is not exactly a bed of roses. No wonder. It’s probably the heftiest purchase of your entire life. With that said, you definitely don’t want to seal the deal on your dream house only to watch the authorities stop by to seriously question who the official owner is. And that’s where the file we’ll let you in on in this piece kicks in. Interested in learning what we’re on about? Want to know how to fill it out? Stay tuned.

Fillable Warranty Deed Forms

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What Is a Warranty Deed?

It’s a legally binding realty document that aims at protecting the purchaser and confirms that the householder is legitimately authorized to shift ownership rights to the purchaser. In simple terms, if this doc were your trustworthy friend, the pitch they’d have for you would be: ‘Rest assured that no one will ever approach you and say that they can take away your newly acquired residence’.

At a glance, general warranty deed forms may seem just another portion of unimportant files in the pile of your mortgage documentation. However, the importance of filling this form errorlessly cannot be underestimated. After all, this contract provides solid shielding of your new sweet home against potential claims.

How to Get a Warranty Deed?

You can get the file at your local realty office. Alternatively, take advantage of a solid catalog of niche-specific templates e.g., PDFLiner. Here, you’ll discover a treasure trove of predesigned templates that allow for fast and smooth completion of your administrative affairs. In order to legitimize the form, you need to add signatures and incorporate notarization at the county recorder’s office. With our service at your fingertips, the process of acquiring your dream residence becomes a lot easier.

How to Fill Out a General Warranty Deed

Here are the steps to follow when completing the file:

  1. Get the template and start filling it out.
  2. Complete the date part of the file.
  3. Complete the grantor (property owner) part. Indicate their full name and contacts.
  4. Complete the grantee (purchaser) part of the file. Indicate their full name and contacts.
  5. Clarify how much is being paid for the residence in question.
  6. Describe the house in detail, indicating its size and dimensions.
How to fill out Warranty Deed
  1. Add signatures from all grantors and further seal the deal with proper notarization.
  2. Submit the filled out doc in your local county recorder’s office. This step will finalize the ownership shift.
Submit Warranty Deed

The elements of the document differ based on the state where the property is based. However, certain data remains unchanged in all warranty deeds, such as:

  • both parties’ identities and contacts;
  • major details about the residence;
  • seller’s promise to grant ownership rights to the purchaser;
  • all the required signatures;

Overall, it sounds as if the procedure of the general or limited warranty deed completion is pretty easy. However, in reality, that’s not exactly the case. Therefore, if you’re facing any difficulties filling out this form, you can always ask a professional attorney to sort it out for you.

Are you intending on filling out the document under your own steam? Of course, the best way to do it is to go digital. The perks of filling out any doc online are as follows:

  • it’s exceptionally time-saving;
  • it allows you to store your files in one secure place;
  • it prevents errors and maximizes accuracy;
  • it’s environmentally-friendly.

How to Sign a Warranty Deed

Did you know that there are services that allow you to add perfectly legitimate digital signatures to your files? Super fast, flexible, and shielded by law. It’s all about the digital signature feature you can make the most of within PDFLiner.

The perks of e-signatures are higher security, improved confidentiality, workflow automation, heaps of time and money saved, increased customer satisfaction, accelerated sales, as well as eco-friendliness. So, whether you’re looking to sign your warranty deed on your laptop or smartphone, PDFLiner is your best bet.

Fill Out Warranty Deed

Warranty Deed Types

There are 2 major types of this agreement. Find the details about them below:

  • general warranty deed: that’s when the householder confirms their legitimate ownership of the residence and is authorized by law to shift this privilege to the purchaser. This doc is among the most widespread ones and comes with maximum shielding perks for the buyer’s interests. Why? Because the blank confirms that the residence is problem-free throughout its entire title background;
  • special warranty deed: in this case, things are pretty restricted, meaning the file guarantees that the residence is defectless solely within the period of the current householder ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a warranty deed in Texas?

The meaning behind the notions doesn’t state-specifically change in this case. Just like the rest of the U.S., the Lone Star State prefers using the most secure type that certifies there won’t be any problems with the title irrespective of the entire history behind it.

What is a warranty deed in Florida?

The same pretty much goes for the Sunshine state. If you’re looking for rock-steady property ownership proof in Florida, you’re going to need to make your warranty deed work in combination with the property title. Naturally, irrespective of your whereabouts, PDFLiner is your go-to hub when it comes to finding and digitally completing any industry-focused document template.

What is a warranty deed in Michigan?

In the Great Lakes State, this document comes with a limitless warranty of title. It means that irrespective of the lifelong residence background, the owner legally guarantees its absolute problem-proofness. So, if you’re asking yourself the ‘What’s the best type of warranty deed for my property’ question, Michigan is the answer.

What is a statutory warranty deed in Washington state?

The Evergreen State has nothing unique to add to the notion except for the ‘statutory’ part. Essence-wise, the meaning is the same: this blank provides limitless assurance of ownership. And you’re free to fill it out right from the comfort of your home with PDFLiner at your fingertips.

What is a limited warranty deed in Georgia?

The Peach State comes with certain distinctions, because it offers less protection to the property buyer ownership-wise. A limited warranty deed functions there, which means that what the householder guarantees here covers only their specific own-the-house period. Irrespective of where you’re from in the U.S., always look up these details prior to purchasing your dream place to live.

What is the difference between a warranty deed and a deed of trust?

Both these docs are utilized in the process of ownership shift from one side to another. The distinction lies in who gets the anticipated protection. If you’re interested in shielding the acquirer’s interests, you should focus on a deed of trust. In case householder protection is your priority, a warranty deed is your best bet.

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