How to Fill Out Form N-400?

If you’re planning to go through the process of naturalization, delving deep into the topic of how to fill out N400 form is a must. In this post, we’ll let you in on what this file is all about, dwell upon whether you qualify or not, as well as provide details on its completion. Stay tuned for the vital info.

Fillable N-400

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What Is Form N-400?

Also referred to as Application for Naturalization, this document is filed with USCIS and utilized by individuals with green cards interested in officially becoming the country’s citizens. The form contains general background details about the candidate and asks you certain questions to pinpoint whether you are permissible to become an American citizen or not. Whether you’re planning to fill out the doc under your own steam or turn to legal expert assistance, the result should be impeccable if you’re on a mission to transform your life-changing dream into reality.

N-400 Application Cost

The government will charge you $725 for handling the template in question. This total price suggests document management and biometric data capturing. This amount is not subject to refund, irrespective of whether they’ll approve or reject your application. If you’re over 75, paying a biometric filing fee for N 400 is not required.

Army-related applicants also fall under the category of discounts payment-wise. Learn all there is to know on the topic of N400 application instructions to stay updated on all the current rules and guidelines. In case the entire file completion and submission process sound like an overwhelming task to you, don’t panic. You can always hire an excellent lawyer to become your guiding light on your file-packed way to your ultimate goal.

Application for Naturalization

Form N-400 Processing Time

How long does it take to get citizenship after filing N-400? We’ve got some specifying answers to this. As of today, it usually takes from six months to two years to process the document. On average, it comes down to about a year. Overall, how fast this process moves is often determined by the candidate’s whereabouts and whether there are potential delays on the way or not.

Remember one crucial thing: sorting out this vital doc errorlessly is a must. Otherwise, you’ll face multiple delays and have to wait a lot longer for the issue to get resolved. With that said, approach applying for citizenship forms with maximum focus and knowledge.

Who Can Apply for Naturalization

At this point, you’re probably aware that naturalization is when an immigrant becomes a US citizen. Sounds like a dream come true — and requires some patience, along with determination. Whether you are permissible for this process or not is dependent on these vital parameters:

  • the time span within which you’ve permanently resided in the country;
  • the time span within which you’ve had a green card;
  • your relation to the US military.

There’s a treasure trove of specifications within this aspect, but generally speaking, you are welcome to sort out the N400 application for naturalization if you are eighteen years old minimum and have been a 5-year green card owner (3-year if married to a US citizen).

If you’re a military applicant, your completion guidelines differ and offer extended freedom. Feeling kinda confused about all this stuff? You’re free to contact your local attorney service and verify your permissibility with professional assistance at your disposal.

N400 Application

How to Fill Out N-400 Form Online

There are tons of perks to managing your application for naturalization within the digital environment. It saves heaps of your time, allows you to instantly monitor and react to any in-system alerts, as well as keep tabs on your case status and update all the required data right from the comfort of your sweet home. Below, we’ll provide form N400 instruction guidelines and steps to submitting the document.

  1. Prior to submitting the form online, create a USCIS account. If you need help with this, check out multiple YouTube step-by-step tutorials on the topic.
  2. Once you’re all set, log in to your account by using your login and password. Forgot your password? Reset it and continue.
  3. Type a verification code you’ll receive in a text message or email.
  4. Upon logging in, go to your profile and get ready to fill out the form online.
  5. Prior to filling out the doc, answer several questions that will pop up within the online system. This will aid you in determining your chances of success. Not sure how to answer some of those questions? The page provides useful hacks and must-heed instructions.
  6. If all’s good with your permissibility, switch to the online document itself.
  7. Explore the form overview with all the vital N400 filing instructions and essential additional info.
How to Fill Out N-400 Form Online

There are six main sections in the document. Find them below, along with the details about you they should contain:

  1. Getting started: your name and contact data, as well as your place of birth and immigration details.
  2. About you: whether you’re male or female, your ethnicity, race, height, weight, your eye and hair color, as well as where you lived throughout the past five years, your school and employment details, military service, along with any places you’ve visited outside the US in the last five years.
  3. Your family: whether you’re married or single, details about children if you have any, as well as your parents.
  4. Moral character: your citizenship claims and voting, legal competency, crimes and defenses, and attachment to the US constitution.
  5. Evidence: additional files from the official checklist to support your application.
  6. Review and submit: check your answers, look out for review alerts, sort them out in case they appear, and send the doc when you ensure it is 100% errorless.

Last but not least, filing online gives you the flexibility to start working on your application and fill it out later. Your answers will be saved as a draft for about a month.

Form N400 Document Checklist

Based on your in-file answers, you’ll be asked to attach corresponding docs in the ‘Evidence’ section. Here’s the roundup of these supporting docs:

  • the evidence that you have a green card;
  • the evidence that you’ve paid for document management;
  • marriage certificates;
  • identity-proving docs.

Those are primarily requested documents. Be prepared to upload additional files to confirm other data, such as your spouse’s identity, military service evidence, disability details, and the like. You can upload all the aforementioned supporting docs from any type of device, including your smartphone, iPad, laptop, or PC. That’s what we call the impeccable effortlessness of managing your docs online. As you can see, with some preparation and savviness, your chances of completing your N-400 form get a significant boost.

Fill Out Form N-400

Where to Send N-400 Form?

There are two effective ways of submitting this form with USCIS: online or via mail. Irrespective of the option you’ll ultimately stick with, creating an online account with USCIS is a must. Upon doing it, you’ll get the possibility to check your case status and receive important alerts as the government representatives check your application.

Whether you’ll opt for online or offline submission, don’t forget that a solid online form catalog should always be at your fingertips. It grants you the possibility to find the needed niche-based form in a matter of moments and fill it out almost equally fast. That’s how you can save loads of your time and focus on other important stuff. With regard to sending the completed form by mail, you can find the state-specific direct filing address in the official sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a copy of my N-400 application?

You can find the template on the official USCIS digital platform. Feel free to fill it out on your own or hire a reliable lawyer to aid you with N 400 early filing and a multitude of administrative tasks the affair suggests. What you’ll stick with is your independent decision only.

When can you file N 400?

Are you a green card owner with no exceptional conditions? Then you’re free to submit the doc in question at least five years after being granted your green card. Another important condition: you should actually reside in the US for 2.5 years within those 5 years.

What is the difference between N-400 & N-600?

The former is utilized by people who have a green card for the purpose of going through the so-called naturalization process. The latter is utilized by individuals with citizenship but without actual proof of it.

What is your child’s relationship to your N 400?

When answering this question from your N400 form, along with your kid’s personal details, don’t forget to mention whether it’s your biological child, stepchild, or legally adopted child. That’s exactly what this question entails.

How can I check my N 400 application for naturalization status?

The speediest and most effortless way to check your case status is by logging in to your personal account within the official online platform of the United States government and checking your profile for any updates, alerts, and/or reminders. That’s what we call the ultimate convenience!

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