How to Get I-9 Form Everything You Need to Know

When looking for this document, you must start with learning more about what is the Form I-9. It is also known as the Employment Eligibility Verification document. The form is filled by newly-hired employees who have to inform US officials about the legal ability to work in the country and confirm their identity.

Editable I-9 Form

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Apart from employees, some of the I-9 form fillable sections must be provided by the employer. Usually, the form is given by the HR department if you work for a company. However, you can also download it yourself. The form is accepted by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Printable I-9 Form

How to Get an I-9 Form?

Many employees simply don’t know how to get an I-9 form because it is usually provided by HR or employees. However, if you are an employee or were asked to find the form, you can easily download it on the USCIS website. Since there are lots of forms available on the website, it is easy to get lost. Enter the name in the search bar.

To avoid unnecessary extra moves, use PDFLiner. This editor offers to file the form online without any hassle. You may even edit your answers and put in the electronic signature. After you provide the form and all I-9 form documents that follow with it, you can share it with your employer or send it to the officials. You may find the document on this page. All you need is to open it and start filling the lines.

Since PDFLiner is an editor, it contains all the tools you need to fill I-9 form PDF. You might not need many instruments, since the form is not that complicated. After you complete it, you can share the link with the employer or send it by email. If you are not sure how to fill out the I-9 form, there is a detailed guide on a separate page of the website. Click it and read the manual.

Form I-9

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular questions on the form. After you’ve learned where to get the I-9 form, you have to understand how the document works.

Where can I get instructions for the I-9 form?

We have a specific page with I-9 form instructions for you. Follow the link indicated above and read the manual before you complete the form. You will also find basic guidance inside the form. The guidance is provided by the USCIS.

How to fill out the I-9 form?

You will find all the instructions on a specific page of PDFLiner and inside the form. Follow the step-by-step guide and complete it. Don’t forget to attach documents that are required to the form.

Is there a new I-9 form?

The new version of the I-9 form was published on January 31, 2020. It was announced by the officials in 2019 and verified on October 21, 2019. There is no new version for 2021.

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Fillable I-9

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