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Editing PDF files is possible and shouldn’t be difficult. There are many online PDF editor tools available out there that can help you remove pages, add text, replace images, and more. If you want to know more about the best online PDF editors you can use for your documents, continue reading.

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List of Top 5 Online PDF Editors

Here are 5 online PDF editor reviews that can help you decide which platform will be most suitable for your needs.



PDFLiner is undoubtedly one of the best free PDF editor services available, although it’s free for the first 5 days only. It provides a wide selection of editing functions that include both basic ones and more advanced features. You can easily download a document for editing, or if you need a certain tax form, you can find it in the selection on the site.

Once you upload a file that you want to edit, you can add text to it and customize it by changing the color, font, and size. It is possible to make it highlighted, bold, or italic. What you can also do is draw on your file and add any marks or shapes you may need. It is possible to add images to the file by simply uploading them from your device and inserting them with the ‘Add Image’ instrument.

PDFLiner also comes with additional useful features. You can lock your document using a password for maximum protection. It is possible to create a PDF document right in PDFLiner without having to use any third-party services. You can not only edit forms that you already have on your device but also find many widely used ones in the Forms Catalog available on the site.

If you want to get more extensive features with PDFLiner, you can get a subscription. There are three options to choose from – basic, pro, and premium. The basic one costs $15 and can be used by one person. The pro ($32 a month) and premium ($49 a month) ones have the same features but can be used by 3 and 5 people, respectively.




When we talk about prominent PDFprograms available these days, DocHub is another one that should be on the list. The editor has the majority of functions offered by modern PDF editors. They include adding fields, annotating, merging files, and manipulating text (changing font, size, and color). You can whiteout specific words or sentences if you need to. It is easy to highlight some parts of the text, strike out, or underline it. Adding dates, comments, shapes, or images is also something you can do in DocHub.

The service works smoothly and intuitively when you have to modify fields in documents that are already present. It recognizes them without any problems, and you can always create new ones for signature, checkboxes, initials, and such.
When you use DocHub for free, you are limited to 3 sign requests, 5 eSignatures, and 2,000 documents a month. If you want to remove these restrictions and also have access to premium tools, a monthly subscription costs $14.

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Dotloop is not just your standard PDF editor software, as it is a full-on transaction management platform created for service providers, brokers, agents, and more. In addition to different workflow tools, it can be effectively used for document managing and editing files. If you need more than a simple PDF editor and you are looking for a system that will help you edit, share, store, and sign documents, this might be the one.
This software has a document editor in which you can open PDF files in a loop. It means your documents can be edited according to your needs. What is more, the other party that you send this document to doesn’t need to download it, print, or scan. The signing of files can be done directly in the app or on a computer, thus eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

Being a more extensive solution, Dotloop is more expensive than a regular PDF editor. If you want to have access to all the features of this program, the subscription costs $32 a month. For this price, you get document templates, a PDF editor, unlimited transactions, audit trail, in-person signing, and more.

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Another top PDF editor on this list that you may want to consider is PDFEscape. The service combines both editing and reading features. While being a PDF reader, it allows you to not only open documents but also to search for words in the text, copy PDF text to your clipboard, bookmark, and such.

When it comes to the actual editing features, there are plenty of them for different tasks. You can add shapes, text, and whiteouts. It is possible to move, crop, delete or add pages to the document. You can also sign your files, encrypt them with a password, and create links to other documents or sites. You can fill out forms with the help of several instruments, and the service supports checkbox, list, text fields. If there are no fields already present in the document, you can decide where you need them and add new ones to any file.

The ultimate and premium packages include more additional features, such as designing advanced forms, permanently erasing confidential information, and more.
In terms of pricing, the editing service is affordable. You can use a number of editing features and also create forms for free. But, if you want access to a more extensive collection of features and additional advantages, you can choose a premium ($2.99 a month) or an ultimate (5.99 a month) subscription.

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Last but not least, another editor you can use to modify PDF online is Sejda. This editor is also known for having all the features you may need when dealing with PDF files. Besides simply uploading files for editing, it is possible to create your forms in them.
With Sejda, you get access to the standard editing functions, such as merging of documents, splitting of pages, adding and removing images, inserting watermarks, and more. You can decide on the order of pages and remove or add new ones to create a fully customized document. Similar to other modern editors, you can sign your PDFs with a digital signature.

Another useful function that should be mentioned is conversion. If you have files in different formats (Word, HTML, JPG) and you need to convert them to PDF, you can easily do this with Sejda. The same applies to converting files from PDF to Text, Excel, or others. This editor is easy to use and offers clear and simple guidelines so you can find any tools you need immediately.

When it comes to pricing, there are three options based on the duration. The weekly one is the cheapest, but the most cost-efficient is a Web monthly subscription that you can purchase at $6.

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Buyer’s Guide

What is the best online pdf editor? There are several things you should consider when looking for an editor. This includes not only the range of features but also safety, pricing, and usability.


The best PDF editing software has a full range of important features. This includes the ability to draw, sign documents, remove/add text, manipulate pages, and more. You can choose a PDF editor according to your needs, but it’s better to select one that offers all the widely used features.


When choosing software to edit PDFs, you should make sure that it has a high level of security. The files you upload should stay private and not accessible by third parties.


Another thing you should compare to get the best PDF editor is pricing. Most reputable PDF editors allow you to test their platform for at least 5 days to get an idea of what you will pay for. It is a good idea to avoid sites that want you to make a purchase straight away, as you won’t know how well it will perform.


The usability of a PDF redactor cannot be underestimated. It should have an intuitive and simple interface whether you use your computer or your phone. If you plan to use an editor often, you should see whether all the tools can be accessed easily from the tabs.


Are online PDF Editors safe?

Yes. When you choose one of the reliable PDF editors, any documents you download remain confidential and are only visible to you.

Can I use online PDF editors to e-sign my documents?

Most PDF editors out there offer this feature. For instance, PDFLiner allows you to put a digital signature in any place in your document.

How do I edit PDF online for free?

The majority of PDF editors out there have a basic selection of features that can be accessed for free. For more advanced features, there is usually a limited free trial. If there is no trial, you have to pay for a subscription to access them. With PDFLiner, you can edit a PDF online for free with a 5-day free trial.

What else can I do with an online PDF editor?

In addition to the simple editing of documents, you can sign documents, fill out tax forms, create forms, and more.

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